5.0 Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Editor writes: "It's difficult to recommend Duke Nukem Forever, except to the fans who already follow the character from its origins. For these, it's a safe bet that offers a good amount of fun. The others think the game as dated and weak at all levels."

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Mandaspt2662d ago

I hope they do a better job next time. :(

Mandaspt2662d ago

And not a bad score compared with other sites...

newn4gguy2662d ago

Lol. This game is awesome!

I understand the hate, but's a fun game and Gearbox did what they could with the CRAP that was given to them. They bought the license so they could revamp it. They were told to push this sucker out the door to appease fans.

sam22362662d ago

How the hell does this get a 5/10 yet F.E.A.R. 3, which is so casualised and bug-ridden it's ridiculous, is getting 8s and 9s?

Fucking reviews.