Uncharted 3 beta 1.02 patch notes (official)

Official patch notes for Uncharted 3 beta v1.02

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JoGam3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Great Update ND! keep up the good work.

@ Osama, They need to fix the sprint. I can't stop sprinting at times. It feels wonky when sprinting.

LOGICWINS3671d ago

Best beta I've ever been in. Pre-ordered it today :)

OsamaOnCrack3671d ago

they need to increase the bullet damage or decrease the health cuz it take forever to kill someone!

LOGICWINS3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Nah man, thats how the game was meant to be played. Its there so you can EARN your kills, meaning less people will complain about cheap deaths. The increased health also gives you time to roll/sprint/jump out of a hairy situation.

If the health was decreased, then there would be MORE people complaining.

Sinterfire3671d ago

I agree with you on that. However I would like to see the Para pistol do a little more damage or maybe I just suck with it IDK.

LOGICWINS3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Honestly, I think the pistols are fine as far as the damage they deal. You just have to tap R1 QUICKLY. Actually, I'm seeing a lot of people online using the Uzi as their primary weapon. Its VERY effective.

With the Uzi, you can easily run around some one in a circle while spraying them with bullets. Its VERY hard to counteract.

BeaArthur3671d ago

Maybe you should practice more. People like you ruined U2 so shut up and go play some CoD or learn to shoot.

Sinterfire3671d ago

I'll miss stacking my smoke bombs. Oh well I guess it's better that way. I'm liking the improvements for this beta. Oct&Nov will be insane for gamers. I can't wait to play the singleplayer for Uncharted 3. Keep up the good work ND.

HeavenlySnipes3671d ago

Damn, I even uploaded a video just now of me getting 4 RPGs and using them all back to back to back....

joydestroy3671d ago

i have to disagree with you on the kickbacks. very disappointed they removed stacking. i used the medic one and on Co-op Arena, you didn't always need to use it. but sometimes, you'd get in trouble and need to use like 3 almost at once. they need to bring this back maybe for certain modes or something.

captain-obvious3671d ago

i need them to fix the controls and give us the option to disable uncharted TV
its annoying since uncharted tv stream videos and it make the match making slower

Sinterfire3671d ago

"Added an option in the Display menu for disabling Uncharted TV". They did :)

grailly3671d ago

weren't they supposed to be showing gameplay footage from the top players in uncharted TV? I am quite disappointed by it, I originally thought it was a good idea.

MidnytRain3671d ago

Yeah, the Best Plays of the Week #1 is there. Just keep pressing Next (Start) until you see a shot of the Chateau and the aforementioned title screen. The first play is a Tripled heashot with a sniper - seriously cool stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.