Pic3D brings 3D to regular LCD's

Pic3D brings Glasses free 3G to all of us cheapos who don't want to waste money on a new tv or those nerdy glasses!!! With the new tech all you have to do is apply a film over your screen and side by side 3D images and videos become 3D w/out the need for glasses!!! Unfortunately the largest film only supports 23" so far for $186 larger sizes should also be released as well.

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Embusque2663d ago

What the fuck is this shit?

fr0sty2663d ago

A way to make 3D cheap... For instance, you could apply this tech to Vita and make it have a 3D screen that was actually better than 3DS', as it has a 120 degree field of view instead of having to sit dead center to the screen.

ddkshah2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

this is true. There is also one for the ipad, android phones, desktop monitors up to 23". So far there has been no info for anything above 23" yet :( but I'm sure they won't let us down. Read my description and look online for more info. I made a mistake with engadget but other websites have more info.
It's basically a screen protector with the added support of glasses free 3d ;)

fr0sty2663d ago

It would reduce resolution in order to achieve the effect, but on a screen that small, who cares? PS Vita's screen has more than enough pixels to half the resolution and still have a good image.

keith-ps32663d ago

wow what will they think of next but will this look better or the same as one of those 1000$ 3dtv il pay 186$ to put on a 40inch

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