IGN - Mortal Kombat: Kenshi Kicking Ass

IGN - The idea of the blind swordsman isn't new -- it's surfaced in novels, films, and anime alike, notably in the long-running Zatoichi series. It's a fascinating character archetype that immediately demonstrates the character's skill in battle, as he or she fights without the use of one of our most needed senses. In the case of Kenshi, the latest DLC character in Mortal Kombat, he isn't just a badass because he's a blind swordsman; Kenshi also has telekinetic powers. It's clear that Kenshi is an overachiever.

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biRdy2758d ago

Can't wait to play as him. Downloading once they put it up on Marketplace.

joydestroy2758d ago

played with him for about 2hrs last night. i like his moves, but he's a slow guy. you have to really know what you're doing. lots of practice!

uncharted562758d ago

slow what the hell are you talking about lol?
I played around him for a bet and while he doesnt have any projectile, he is a really good chracter. Its kind of hard to chain the combos with him, but that needs practice otherwise he is still fast. That should block type dash attack of his is insanely fast.

joydestroy2758d ago

yeah, he's slow in comparison to characters like Skarlet or Sonya.

i can do the Raising Karma attack twice, then Telekinetic Slash. followed up by Spirit Charge, then Tele-Flurry. rinse, repeat. add in some combos here and there, plus some R2 action =)

he's good... you just have to be aware of every single move in his arsenal