No More Heroes, With Way More Nudity

Action game No More Heroes is getting an 18-years-old-and-up edition. What's in the adult version? Adult things. (Yeah, this post is probably NSFW.)

Earlier this year, No More Heroes' developer released a trailer for No More Heroes: Red Zone, a Move-enabled PS3 port of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise.

The trailer showed a glimpse of the Red Zone's Viewer Mode, which showed a glimpse of obscured body parts. Here are Viewer Mode screencaps showing just how explicit this PS3 port gets. This game is 18-and-up for a reason!

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EYEamNUMBER12659d ago

this qualifies as an adult game?
how is this 18 plus?
18 plus would make it rated A and that would make the game banned

CrescentFang2659d ago

Probably confused the Japanese rating (I believe it was Cero Z) of Red Zone with the Paradise version we're getting

MultiConsoleGamer2659d ago


...but only because I want to play this game using the Move controller. (seriously)

arjman2659d ago

You've seen the way you recharge your weapon with the move controller :)

DarkBlood2659d ago

thats probably true to people who feel that way but its no big deal, not like nudity is an exclusive thing lol

PirosThe4th2659d ago

So nudity is gross and degrading... and killing is ok...

Hate the way society thinks... it's just wrong...

Spenok2658d ago

Not society, its America. They have it all backasswords.

Shmotz2658d ago

Oh please. Its society.

sikbeta2658d ago

Way to generalize right there, bring up the whole freaking nation just for one commentary, come on... I'm gonna kill you! XD

Focker4202659d ago

Degrading for whom?? Showing off the human body is gross?? Its a video game, go back to blowing people's heads off in CoD.

gypsygib2658d ago

I'd love for the opposite sex to be obsessed with seeing me naked.

If you think half naked is degrading just look at half of the magazine advertisements. Most of that stuff is for women too.

Most people like looking at beautiful member s of the opposite sex, the only people who think it's degrading are not so good looking members or insecure people.

Ravenor2659d ago

Yeah, you probably think well produced porn is degrading too.

And so, I think you're gross.

Inception2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

This game is not for COD kids -_-

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maximus19852659d ago

really? man wasnt this a wii game?

consolez_FTW2659d ago

WOO! Finally there's a reason to pull out my PS move again. Haven't played with it in a while. Plus this is the one wii game I wanted to try and now it's on PS3 with accurate controls.

Ness-Psi2658d ago

that comment seems like innuendo lol.

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