How Xseed Changed The Way Falcom Titles Were Handled In The West

Since forming a publishing agreement with Falcom, Xseed had a stream of PSP games from the Japanese publisher including Ys Seven and The Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky. "They have been a very good partner of ours," praised Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at Xseed, during an interview with Siliconera.

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banjadude2660d ago

Too bad they didn't get to translate the 3 previous LOH games on the PSP (Tear of Vermillion, etc). God... Bandai really F'd those up.

Inception2660d ago

Agreed. Bamco f'd the translation like they f'd up Tales series. And xseed try to bring a couple of Tales titles to the west but bamco refused they offer. Man, bamco really really f'd up!

OT, TitS is awesome! i hope xseed can finish they translation on 2nd and 3rd chap ASAP. So they can also localize Ao / Zero no Kiseki ^^

CrescentFang2660d ago

Well no rush, keep it going Xseed :3 they've delivered what we want.
On the other hand i hope that the PSP title they are teasing is Corpse Party, I did some research and man does it look awesome!

Xof2659d ago

Gotta love XSeed.

Still haven't gotten around to playing some of those Ys games. they really ought to consider bringing over the PC ones.