EA Say F2P Competes With Consoles

When archaeologists dig through the layer marked “early two thousands” they will notice a change in the colour of the rocks at the beginning of the second decade. (Yes, this IS how archaeology works.) Eventually one monocled genius will identify this as the time the games started going free. With news of online stalwarts such as Team Fortress 2 and World Of Warcraft catching the bug, this is no longer the domain of seedy half-arsed MMOs my lord, but increasingly a mainstream option. It’s a significant shift for the PC, and one that I think it’s safe to say everyone is pretty wary of. But it’s one that EA are claiming can be as profitable as the console market. And that’s a big deal.

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Bigpappy2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Free To Play would greatly increase the number of people who play MMO's. But the console will still have its cult that prefer to game in that space and not bother with PC gaming. In other words: there is room for all.

vortis2715d ago

Depending on the F2P title they can be awesome. Allods trumps World of Warcraft in every avenue but most people are wary because it's called Allods Online and it's F2P.

NFS: World is also completely amazing and truthfully, with a high-end PC, there's no reason to buy another console rendition of Need for Speed.

EA is right, some F2P games will eventually start raking in the console-sized dollar bills.

Farsendor12715d ago

takes forever to level in allods but theres tons of quest. im going to have to try need for speed world i might end up liking it.

didn't like battlefield free,battlefield 2 and battlefield bad company 2 are a lot better.

hope game developers and publishers keep bringing normal games to pc though would hate if everything turned f2p.

jukins2715d ago

tbh since steam started having f2p games especially tf2, i have barely turned on my ps3. but at the same time i havent even thought about paying for items in the game. just feels like gold/gil buying in mmo's. f2p to me seems like whoever has the most money has the potential to enjoy the game the most

SJPFTW2715d ago

the future of PC gaming ... LOL

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