Beautiful new Tekken 6 screens

Here are some new Tekken 6 official screenshots powered by Octave Engine for PlayStation 3.

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Real gamer 4 life4868d ago

man this game is going to be the ultimate fighting game. this game will pawn virtual fighter.

TheMART4868d ago

So was this one simultanouly released on the 360 and PS3, or will the PS3 it get it first without online features like Virtua Fighter 5 and the 360 will get it after that with all the good stuff?

achira4868d ago

hahah, this is ps3 exclusive.

Real gamer 4 life4868d ago

Well i dont know if the xbox is going to get it. but everyone should be able to play tekken. Tekken is a kick ass fighting game. and it also one of the most complex fighting game aswell. But if it does end up coming out for the 360, i wouls rather get it for the ps3. because of controller preference.

IdontTakeSides4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

HA..nice try mart...we already have a lag free online tekken...let me repeat.."LAG FREE" since all you guys top games have already came outur hoping to get a piece of the great PS3 exclusives...well one can hope..huh..!!

back on topic..this game looks amazing..sorry Virtual Vighter you've offcially been dethrowned as best fighter on PS3....Tekken 6 is the whole pakage...

TheHater4868d ago

Why do you troll for? do you get a boner from trolling or something

games4fun4868d ago

if he can name one tekken game that has ever come out on the xbox franchise any time in history.

TheMART4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Tekken 6 is from Namco. Namco gave some 360 love with:

Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata
Ace Combat 6
Beautiful Katamari
Soul Calibur IV
Ridge Racer 6

There are 3 games in that list that were exclusive for Playstation in the past. Namco is a commercial company that wants to maximize profits. As long as Sony didn't pay for an exclusive, and we know that Virtua Fighter 5 according to Sony fanboys also wouldn't come to the 360 (and look now: the 360 got it and even better, got the best C version with online features), if VF5 sells good on 360 (it didn't sell so well on the PS3) I am pretty sure a fighter like Tekken 6 will be on the 360 also.

@ Games4fun (above)

Can we name one Virtua Fighter that was on the XBOX before nr. 5? Can we name one Ace Combat that was on the XBOX before nr. 6? No. Tekken 6 on 360? Seems pretty logical.

mistertwoturbo4868d ago

lol, the tekken series is always going to be on playstation. Sony knows that much at least.

Think about it, if the Xbox was to ever get a tekken game, then where's Tekken 5 dark resurrection for xbox?

This is flat out just like Metal Gear Solid 4.

TheMART, your just a sad little 42 year old man who's never touched a girl, so all you do is come online looking to feel any significant in life. You're the kind of guy that bullyed little kids for they're lunch money, and now that you're all grown up you live in your mom's basement.

games4fun4868d ago

im not going to act like i know everything, in my opinion it seems unlikely. And since you have no proof you are a troll at least my proof is noted that thier hasn't yet been a tekken for the 360 and xbox 1. And it has mostly if not always been arcade and ps3 exclusive.

RonDeMuerte4868d ago

The Mart's never touched a girl!! hahahaha.....hey Mart have a fun saturday night doing absolutely nothing!!!!.....gotta go....later....

ruibing4868d ago

Let's not forget the Tekken movie coming out under Sony Pictures, it may be part of the deal to keep Tekken part of Sony.

Bathyj4868d ago

Hey take it easy on Mart, he might a pathetic, no life, trolling, loser, 45 year old virgin but he pretty good at RockBand.

Bathyj4868d ago

Damn, I guess .Gifs dont work huh?

Trust me its really funny.

EDMIX4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Tekken 6 is from Namco. Namco gave some 360 love with:

Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata-----PS3 in Feb 08
Ace Combat 6 ------------------Soon to be on PS3
Beautiful Katamari-------------soon to be on PS3 and wii
Soul Calibur IV ---------------On both
Ridge Racer 6 -----------------we got RR7? who cares same thing

Did you notice that all those games are on PS3 or soon to be? Sony will keep Tekken, if MS was going to get it they would had got Tekken DR. Sony knows they only have like 1 fighting game Exclusive. why would MS get it? Plus the PS3 sells more in Japan, not MS, in fact the PSP and PS2 outsell it in japan, Tekken is the Biggest fighting game in History, yes in History look it up, it will sell in japan, were it always does, it can't sell on a 360 there, plus Namco is using the Cell as the main engine for the game, even in there arcade machines they have Cells in them. Sad but Japan games will never go to the 360!

gerrard4867d ago

Your so funny it's making me cry.

2paclives4867d ago

For a child that loves xbox 360 so much, you sure troll the ps3 side quite a bit.

brb, your mom is calling.

Lifendz4867d ago

not having online for VF5 was a real deal breaker and the fact that 360 gets it is an insult but some side deal must've been cut by MS because, as we see with DR, online fighting is possible on PSN. Still, Tekken 6 looks prettier than VF and I don't see why it wouldn't be online. 360 has peaked my friend. PS3 is on the rise.

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DJ4868d ago

It's actually starting to look like that CG trailer from way back. -thumbs up-

Rybnik4868d ago

keyword: starting.
If those are untouched in-game, I'm decently impressed. However, Everything we have seen before has been a jaggy mess. Unless they have implemented MSAA4X, those are not quite representative of gameplay.

Also, while textures are getting closer to E3 05' The lighting is NOWHERE near that level. This is on par with DOA4 lighting-wise. It does look good though.

DJ4867d ago

I think sub-surface scattering and increased environmental detail would really stand this title above other fighting games from a graphical standpoint. Hopefully the cloth and hair physics are more realistic when the title is released.

Rybnik4867d ago

I agree with ya DJ, and especially the part about the hair!

Off topic: I just saw that "new" Uncharted jetski footage. OMG, that final build pic that was posted in the thread is UNREAL!!! 4xMSAA? or is it touched up slightly ala RCF pre-release gameplay screens?

FirstknighT4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Wow. 6 Tekkens and the same characters with the same boring combos. Real gamers know that Virtual Fighter and Soul Calibur are the best 3D fighters on the market today.

Wrong Bonzai, show me when I said that. Only reason why I owned a ps2 was for the VF series. Stop making sh*t up.

TheHater4868d ago

why do you continue to troll for? Do you get a boner from trolling?

games4fun4868d ago

using virtua fighter as an example, virtua fighter hasn't been good since the original, and also real gamers know tekken and soul calibur are the best, see how easy it is to act like you know anything, Tekken and Soul Calibur are my favorite i even played the dreamcast version of soul calibur. Virtua fighter is not fluid at all it never has been in my opinion.

IdontTakeSides4868d ago

Soul Calibur 2 was great....the third one not so good....
Virtual Fighter is great im not gonna complain

But did you happen to play a game called Tekken 5....or Dark Ressurection..??

Real gamer 4 life4868d ago

You are crazy to say that tekken sucks, you must be a ultimate fanboy. Tekken six is one of the must complex figthing game of all time. Each charater has about 130 moves and that was only on the psp version. Tekken six is the best figthing game out there hands down. in pawns soul calibur and virtual fighter. i will be picking this one up for sure.

Bonsai12144868d ago

its funny how you say virtua fighter is good, but while it was a ps3 exclusive, you said it was boring and slow.

but yeah, the screens look amazing running on the arcade hardware. i remember watching the opening to tekken 4 or something, this looks just as good (maybe a slight exaggeration.)

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