ZDnet: Will the PlayStation 4 come with Kinect-like controls? Hopefully not

Sony may be wise not to follow Microsoft too closely on this one.

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JoGam2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Oh god no!

killerhog2686d ago

I thought you were against kinect controls or Sony focusing on motion control/games? You really aiming to prosper as a troll huh troll bonne??

kreate2686d ago

there's already kinect-like controls on the ps3 even before the kinect came out.

there's the aquarium where u can interact with the fish using ur body motions just like kinect. and some bubble game where u can hit the bubbles with ur hands and feet.

it came out back in 2007 before kinect even came out on the ps3 via the ps eyetoy.

ps3 already have kinect. but Sony seems to like the wii-like controls better than the kinect-like controls.

JoGam2686d ago

@ Kreate....So true! You have Creature Features, Mesmerize, Trials of Tapaz or something like that. There are a few games where you don't use your controller.

joab7772686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

They had the idea long ago and didnt go as far as kinnect. I would love it in conjunction w move. It would offer precision and possibilities unlike anything we have seen. And I am confident as is being proven now that sony wont move away from the hardcore fanbase. It would squash any advantage xbox has gained allowing for multi console releases of such games...and it just may b the future for tech. We have all seen minority report. Couple this w the the fact that creators are now comfortable w the ps3 build which will simply b much more powerful, and their push to dominate mobile gaming and sony will b strong, very strong. Imagine if a multi platform game released w the most precise motion control available, the latest 3d tech, playstations powerful cell processing power and the ability to play atleast some nature of the game on vita. Which would u buy? Oh, and they are also working on a disc much larger than blu ray. And if it released by 2013, it wont b lagging behind. Now for the negative, how much will it b? It will all b for naught if the 720 releases for $200 less.

2686d ago
kreate2686d ago

kinect is a cheap camera. there's really nothing special about it. its the same camera some of the cell phones have. except... kinect has 3 or so on it.

unless we go into some hologram gaming, these motion controls are over-rated.
in my lifetime ... the first motion control i ever used was in the 80's. nintendo's power glove.

its just a peripheral. u dont need it. but companies try to convince u that these peripherals are the best thing ever.

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Thatguy-3102686d ago

Why call it kinect like controller ? Why can't the reports just state that its a new and improve playstation eye which is basically what its going to be..and its obvious that it will have some sort of interaction with the ps move..which by the way I'm still waiting for that forest horror game Sony !!!

Shackdaddy8362687d ago

I sure do hope not. I want real controls. Like the ones now but maybe improved. And hopefully we never see the banana controller concept again:

That thing looks so ugly...

Urmomlol2687d ago

Sure --Sony would be wise not to copy Microsoft, who's making mad bank with Kinect.

Does Sony not like money or something?

THC CELL2687d ago

God ms copied sonys eyetoy so give credit where its worth.

sony coming up with a idea that uses a cam and maybe move again
maybe the eyetoy 2

Mr Tretton2686d ago

As long as it's just an option, which I'm sure it will be, then it doesn't matter. Move and Kinect are an option, you have the choice.

Granted I'm sure they are going to work harder on making sure you want to buy these addons by releasing exclusive, compelling must have games.

I've been thinking this for awhile, I'm suprised to see no one talking about it. I think Move and Kinect will be next gen compatible. Granted Sony may release a better Kinect-like camera but make it compatible with Move, and I think MS will feel forced to add Move like controls for certain games, which they said a ways back, they may do that.