Kinect Tech Inspires Glasses That Could Help "the Blind See"

A clinical neurologist at the University of Oxford is working on a pair of glasses that is meant to help the near blind better see shapes and people.

The glasses could be ready as early as 2014.

Dr. Stephen Hicks and a group of researchers say they were inspired by the technology in Xbox 360 Kinect games and iPads, and are developing these cheap, smart glasses for people who have the ability to detect light, but can't fully see.

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NukaCola2758d ago

The pic makes me laugh because the ideas behind Kinect, iPads, Cellphones, and well almost all technology around were created by Gene Roddenberry when he invented al those things for Star Trek over 30 some odd years ago.

nickjkl2758d ago

he didnt invent anything

hes a futurist

not an inventor

he didnt make these things in some basement of lab he thought it would be a good thing for the future to have these technologies hes like michio kaku

DeadlyFire2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Well either way. This tech already exists for eye sight and has very little to any reassemblence to Kinect Technology. Blindness is getting closer to being cured.

Miiikeyyy2758d ago

These glasses already exist, I saw a documentary on them years ago. Was about some foreign guy wanting to see his family, and the glasses allowed him to see kinda.

JellyJelly2758d ago

That's cool and all but they better get rid of the input lag or else it could end very bad.

TheCampfireSong2758d ago

Now we just need Kinect to be able to fix Cavities.

Lifendz2758d ago

Fix Cavities? Kinect gives them:

news4geeks2758d ago

I love that video. If you don't like skittles you don't have a heart.