Catherine Proves That Love Can Be Scary

A new trailer for Catherine has been released(in addition to a new batch of screenshots) depicting the twisted nightmares at the heart of the upcoming action-adventure/puzzle game, releasing July 26, 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In addition, the publisher revealed that the official Catherine demo would release for both platforms on July 12, giving fans an early opportunity to experience a taste of the game's bold visual style and daring subject matter prior to its July 26 launch.

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Lavalamp2663d ago

Green Banana Task Force?

Army_of_Darkness2663d ago

You mean to tell me that love wasn't suppose to be scary to begin with!?!?

fluffydelusions2663d ago

I heard this game is pretty good but I still want to see some reviews. Not sure what to make of it.

Lavalamp2663d ago

You should check out the demo next week and see if you like it.

Miiikeyyy2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Don't rely on Reviews man, Reviews are opinion based instead of fact based. They may hate it, While you on the other hand could love it. I'd suggest looking it up on youtube or wait for the demo and see what you think of it

femshep2663d ago

if your a fan of the smt Persona games then this is right up your ally, same devs

but its also an awesome game

Cereal2663d ago

I'm a fan of the Persona games but this game doesn't interest me one bit. I played the demo and watched people play the Japanese version and it's nothing like Persona. Just because the same devs make another game doesn't mean you'll like it just because you liked one of their previous games.

femshep2663d ago


that has to be the stupidest comment ive read

ITS IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS PERSONA, not to mention the fact they have the same art style and the atmosphere of the game is along the similar lines

if you actually take time to understand things on a deeper level you will understand, just because it dose not have the same game play means its nothing like there previous games

Cereal2663d ago

Just because it's in the same universe doesn't mean I'll care about it. I like persona for the gameplay & story but Catherine's story doesn't interest me in anyway regardless if it's supposed to be related to persona or not. The game just isn't for me (much like how GTA4 & Rockstar's Table Tennis wasn't for me even though I liked games such as GTA 3 & GTA: Vice City; although GTA4 was just a bad sequel).

CrescentFang2663d ago

I wonder how this niche game is getting so much attention? Anyways I look forward to that arcade Rapunzel game (for some strange odd reason...)