Free To Play: The Future Of Gaming? writes: Five years ago when gamers thought about the free to play model they envisioned poorly designed, basic games played in web browsers. Fast forward to 2011 and some of the biggest, and most interesting games in the world are now running on a free to play system. While there will always be a place for a full retail game, the real question is will free to play be the future of gaming?

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evrfighter2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

mmmm not the future just another option.

f2p is seen as cheap, low quality, pay to win. tf2 is the exception to the rule here as it was optimized for years before going f2p.

serious gamers will never take it seriously. Only way it dominates the market is if it's forced.

DarkTower8052661d ago

F2P will be a marketing gimmick in the future. Basic online play will be free, but other features will only be accessible with paid subs. Many games have already done it, and many more will do it. MW3 is a good example with their Elite program.