Chrono Cross, Breath of Fire, Tekken, Ys IV, Super Robot Wars and More Hit Game Archives

Andriasang: Sony was releasing five or six PlayStation titles to the Game Archives service every week prior to the PlayStation Network stoppage. Now that the sevice is back, this means a flood of releases.

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keith-ps32661d ago

first and yes i im getting breath of fire 4 i wise it was in hd

keith-ps32661d ago

800 yen 600 yen o no this is for the jap store f-====---k!

Inception2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

hahaha, i too said "YESS!!!" but when it said "for PSN Jpn" i said "FFFFFFF"

i hope Sony bring Cross, YS IV, and BoF IV asap to PSN US
also Chrono Trigger, FF V, and FF VI too!

keith-ps32661d ago

i still have chrono trigger for ps1 along with ff4 along with ff7 ff9 i want breath of fire more cuz well its in 2d and the games u want are in 3d they look like mud on a hd tv i dont know what ys iv is? chrono cross was great for its time

Xof2653d ago

We should be getting FFVI soon. It's already in the JP and EU stores.

Was Ys IV ever released in English? I don't see that one happening.

And add Suikoden II to your list!

FlashXIII2661d ago

Hope Chrono Cross comes to the US Store. Got so excited when I heard this announcement as well :(

killerhog2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Anyone know if legend of dragoon on the pstore yet?? That's one game I want for now.

FlashXIII2661d ago

Not on the US store it isn't. Would love to see it though alongside suikoden 2.

Capt-FuzzyPants2661d ago

Isnt suikoden 2 really expensive. I think releasing it on the store would change the price tag of a physical copy of the game

CrescentFang2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Holy***, damn I thought this when I visited andriasang before. Chrono Cross is one of my childhood games and I'm replaying it right now. I am extremely interested in CApcom's Breath of Fire too, only I have V and I like playing things in chronological release date.
Though, I would like me some Super Robot Wars on the PSN NA region store, am I right?
EDIT: I suppose Ys IV is the PC-Engine version, which is Dawn of Ys, and boy is its theme rockin'!

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