The State of Playstation Home

Widely criticized for being too casual of a place to hang out, Playstation Home is out of sync with the hardcore gaming chic that is the PS3.

This article examines why PS Home has a place in the Playstation universe, but also why it has failed to seize the imagination of most of Sony's ardent supporters.

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I luv the ps3 but i gotta admit play station home sucks.

zootang2660d ago

Have you been on it lately. It's changed loads. Lots more stuff to do people to see. It should have been like it is now when it launched.

mendicant2660d ago

I really think they should focus their online efforts elsewhere.

firelogic2660d ago

PSHome is a HUGE cash cow for Sony so while you may not like it, Sony sure as hell does.

nitrogav2660d ago

People dont realise its probably paying for your free psn network .

nycredude2660d ago

Can you two knuckleheads explain how playstation home being around is affecting you in any way. You don't like it don't use it. i don't use it often but every so often I log on it's always packed and there is tons of shit to do so obviously people like it and it is paying dividends for Sony and the other companies who contribute. As a matter of fact it is probably helping to keep PSN free for you.

mendicant2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Knucklehead? Interesting choice of starting off. Insult me when I've done nothing wrong. Thanks for that.

OT: It doesn't bother me, I didn't say it did. I simply stated that I think they should focus their efforts elsewhere.

I've spent a decent amount of money in the past on Home but I haven't been back in over a year. Not for any significant amount of time at least.

I was a PSN subscriber well before the PSN shutdown and I've been an XBL gold member for seven years. I have no problem paying for quality. If they got rid of Home and that allowed them to make PSN better, I'd pay. As it stands yes it is free, that's the selling point, but it's not even close to being as good as XBL. Even the features they do have that are the same aren't of the same quality.

I'm not for or against home. I'm not trying to ruin peoples fun; I had fun there once as well. However, that was long ago and it's still in this "beta" phase. If they want to see online success like MS is enjoying, I think they need to rethink their strategy going forward.

firelogic2660d ago

Why do they need to rethink their strategy when they're turning a profit? You Home haters may find it hard to believe, but it's the 80-20 rule in operation here. Only 20% of the PSN population may be using Home but they account for 80% of Home's money transactions. Since online is free, this is basically the only income Sony has to offset the costs.

XBOX LIVE on the other hand charges upwards of $50/$60 per year. Comparing the services of PSN to Live, what is that $50/person getting you? Add that up people. How many live users are there? Let's just say 10 million out of 50 million 360 owners are gold subscribers, that's $500 million in subscription fee revenue for MS on a yearly basis.

Sony makes $0 for online in a year, MS makes $500 million. What exactly puts Live ahead of PSN by $500 million annually? What kind of quality/sservices does it offer that warrants the $500 million?

rezzah2660d ago

i don't see what the big deal is, everytime I go it is always crowded.

Maybe the small numbers of people who dislike it have a bigger mouth?

Redempteur2660d ago

it's exactly that .

Can one of these hater just try sodium two and it's pretty much obvious they'll shut up afterwards

rickhunter892660d ago

whatever happen to the trophy room like 4 years ago lol. i gotta admit i never went back even once.

Redempteur2660d ago

Who cares about a trophy room ?

you can already show off in all in many others ways

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2660d ago

I rarely go on. Not that I think it's lame or anything. In fact there is always something to do when I am on. I should go on today and see what all has changed.

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