New Haze gameplay footage

The first four minutes of new Haze gameplay footage taken today from the Igromir game show in Moscow (a Russian version of E3).

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Grassroots4866d ago

This game has had me interested since the announcement. With Free Radical behind the development it should end up a solid, fun FPS like their known for.

socomnick4865d ago

Yea the game looks decent but is it just me or is that music so so so so horrible. The music reminds me of that movie with Eddie Murphy beverly hills cop.

ThisIsWaiting4866d ago

very uninspired.

I'll rent it just to check it out, but ... its not a purchase for me.

4866d ago
Violater4866d ago

This is Trolling,
Power of Green with envy.

TheSadTruth4866d ago

not really.. the jungle area looked good but the area before that was very blocky and bland..

try to be unobjective kids...

dantesparda4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Its "objective" you doink! not "unobjective". You just made yourself look stupid.

Blitzed4866d ago

Congrats dude! You've just become the poster boy of a rabid (and insecure) fanboy on this site. Thats the most blatant example of trolling I've witnessed to date. You must really be getting nervous to jump so quickly into a Haze gameplay thread with that post. You are truly a desperate loser (who obviously loves Haze enough to try and distract attention from it). You make MS proud, I'm sure they love you (despite the restraining order).

ThisIsWaiting4865d ago

how am I trolling?

I like FPS's ... this one looks meh to me AND if you think this one looks awesome, then you must be new to the genre.

Does my handle offened you or something so you think Im trolling? lol

The Real Peter Moore4864d ago

You're trolling kid, and its quite obvious! Now stop bullsh!tting us and go play your Halo 3 or 2, or whatever the fack it is you play

ThisIsWaiting4864d ago

... its TF2 on the PC. Then I'll play the UC3 demo.

Why dont you go back to collecting your pokemon, child.

dantesparda4863d ago

Very good, child. Now do you want a cookie? But at least you have enough taste to like the PC, i'll give you that. Now get of the 360 nuts!

ThisIsWaiting4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Precious, how do you figure Im on the 360's nuts?

Did I mention the 360 anywhere?


I said this game - Haze, for the PS3 - looks uninspired. It looks like a cookie cutter FPS I dont give a f*ck what system its on, or going to be on, I will not be buying it.

I will say this - the 'excitement' over this game by PS3 owners is laughable for 2 reasons - 1, it looks like its going to suck. 2, one of the biggest knocks the PS3 twat will throw out about the 360 is that its FPS heavy, yet this pile of sh*t is one of the most hyped up games for the PS3 and its a FPS ... oh and so is UC3, and COD4 ... RS:V and Resistance are still selling well.

Really it just goes to show that PS3 owners want what 360 owners have been enjoying for quite some time.

dantesparda4861d ago

Ok then, if you're not a 360 fanboy then what are you? Cuz you talk like you hate it (PS3). Come on man, you're not fooling anyone

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ActionBastard4866d ago

4 player co-op is what has me wanting this one. That and Free Radical.

Killzownz844866d ago

Looks good. Just what the PS3 needs this year is a solid, FPS with a lot of focus on online multiplayer/coop. doesnt look as impressive as say Killzone 2 but looks like the multiplayer aspect could be pretty fun. im Expecting low-mid AA for this one

Daishi4865d ago

Graphicaly is doesn't look as strong as KZ2, but the gameplay looks to surpass it IMO. Playing dead is gonna be a blast!

wangdiddy824866d ago

The most exciting footage but im still excited about this game.. Cant wait to see how it all comes together