6 minutes of new Xenoblade footage in English

Six minutes video of the epic RPG in action.


Update: Added in a higher-quality video at the link.

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NewMonday2660d ago

to bad the only way to play it in NA is to mod the Wii, Nintendo will lose even more fans because of this.

Warprincess1162661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Wow this game looks so average. Is this what you guys are raging about?

Why do i have a disagree. The combat system looks really plain and boring. It just doesn't look exciting.

@ GunofthePatriots
COD is a fun game. You know everything i said about the game is true so you had to change the subject and bash COD.

@ GigaGaia

They won't release it because they know the game going too do horrible here. They are probably releasing it in europe to see if it does well. If it doesn't, you nintendo fans can't complain.

GunofthePatriots2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

says the guy/girl with the MW3 pic! LOLZ

Keep editing your post because the more you do the more you sound like a complete idiot.

cpt2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I don't have a Wii and I never actually had a chance to play it, but based on the comments I read from Japanese and Taiwanese forums, Xenoblade does seem to be one of the deepest JRPGs this generation both in scale and in game play.

JRPGs (or RPGs in general) are not meant to be flashy and eye-pleasing for viewers, but to engage the one who actually plays it.

GigaGaia2661d ago

People living in North America should pirate this, not import it. Why would anyone make an effort to import and have to pay 10-15$ extra while they're too lazy and won't make an effort to release it here.

Lavalamp2661d ago

NoE actually made the effort to localize it. The least you could do is give them credit. Don't punish 'em for NoA's screw ups.

Xof2661d ago

If you don't live in the region, you can't adversely effect regional sales. You're not a potential customer, so a pirated game is not a lost sale.

I would go further than GigaGaia and suggest that everyone who can pirate, pirate, and then spam the hell out of NoA's facebook/email/bbs/whatever with images and videos of them playing piratted versions.

nikola9872660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


You are kidding, right? And from where would you import this game? Imaginationland?

You can only buy it at some online retail store from some EU country, and that counts in that regions sale.

Hicken2661d ago

I wish ATLUS would get their hands on it. They'd localize it. I don't even have a Wii, but this would help make a library that was more enticing to me.

TheDivine2661d ago

Looks like ff12, def a good thing. Xenogears and xenosaga were great cant wait to get this.

Darkseeker2661d ago

It doesn't have relation to those 2 games. There is not even a single reference.

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The story is too old to be commented.