Manhunt 2 Review (

Damian Sarcuni reviews and rates the Wii version:

"The kills are censored. The graphics are five years old. The story sucks. The gameplay is full of glitches, and there is no payoff in the endings, just an excuse to make a sequel. Why did we care about this game again? Oh yes, controversy. The disappointing Manhunt 2 has been banned from sale in the United Kingdom. Those British don't know how lucky they are."

Ratings based on a 10-point scale:
• Graphics: 4.0 - They could have released this 6 months after the original
• Gameplay: 4.5 - Glitchy and frustrating
• Sound: 5.1 - Guns do NOT sound like that!
• Lasting Appeal: 4.0 - Can you say rental?
• Fun Factor: 3.7 - Dead on arrival

Overall: 4.0 (out of 10) - Poor

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MK_Red4867d ago

Well, Manhunt IS violence, blood and gore and when you take them out and censor the rest, the remaining game won't be any better than Barbie's Horse Adventure.

GLoRyKnoT4867d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed, the experience that IS Manhunt 2 :)

Sad, that you cannot simply have fun w/(fun) thing.

Baba19064865d ago

well honestly doesnt look that much fun. i wasnt that much of a fan of the first one so well. it felt like a non open world GTA with a lot of gore. i didnt hate it though like this review is hating the second one.