New PS3 Model to be Announced at Gamescom

Sony is no stranger to announcing new models or SKUs for the PlayStation 3. Recently revealing and releasing a new model in Japan, Sony has made numerous enhancements to the hardware and as a result been able to offer better performing hardware to consumers. Now it appears a newly designed PS3 may be announced soon.

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LOGICWINS2663d ago

Finally I can replace my 60gb!

frankymv2663d ago

Yep. Smaller scale chip and even more efficient and cheaper internals= price cut to probably $199.

blumatt2663d ago

A $200 PS3 would definitely allow the PS3 to dominate for several months to a year. That's the sweet price point for a console to get to. Loads of exclusive game, plus free games on third party games (1943 on Battlefield 3 and Bioshock 1 free with Bioshock Infinite), plus free PSN, plus an awesome pricepoint would equal huge success.

LOGICWINS2663d ago

I'm sure Sony will announce a $200 PS3 this year. If they don't, then they're nuts. A $200 PS3 would do wonders.

ksense2663d ago

250. will be 200 next year

Thatguy-3102663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

If the price is lowered down all the way to 200$ and not 250$ I think that the rumors of the ps4 being released in 2012 would be true.

HOSe2663d ago

a $100 price cut seems unrealistic.

Thatguy-3102663d ago

@ Hose
It does seem unrealistic just like the recent rumors of Microsoft and Sony jumping onto the next Gen by 2012. On side not, is it me or is Gamescom becoming the gaming event where Sony likes making major announcements? I'm certain that Gamescom will bring the light on some games that haven't been announced.

LOGICWINS2663d ago

"a $100 price cut seems unrealistic"

People said the same thg weeks before it dropped to $300

Dart892663d ago

I can finally put my 60gb away.

Off topic is anyone else getting this message error 80710016 trying to login into psn??

ainsz2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

You be asking that on the actual Playstation Forums and no.

Warprincess1162663d ago

Ya i wanted to play some COD but i can't log in.

Solidus187-SCMilk2663d ago

I cant sign in to PSN either. I was just playing the U3 beta not too long ago and went to get a drink, but when I came back it PSN wasnt working. Im glad I wasnt in the middle of a game tho.

I hope they bring it up soon, want to destroy some noobs on the U3 beta some more.

TBONEJF2663d ago

The smallest model yet. like the new slim PS2

kaveti66162663d ago

If this is the CEH-3000 model then it's not a good purchase.

There was an article about the CEH-3000 model not long ago and the specs were reviewed. The fans have been made smaller so they have to spin faster which means they were out quicker and make more noise.

The CEH-2500 models are the best Slim models. This revision is a shitty version Sony is making so they can cut down on costs.

mrv3212663d ago

Or... the chip is smaller, meaning less heat meaning a smaller fan maintaining the same RPM... you know... logic.

kaveti66162662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Was it mentioned if the chip size was reduced?

Edit: Don't talk to me about logic. You hardly ever use it.

mrv3212662d ago

Beyond the fact that the makers have confirmed a smaller chip?

I have no proof what so ever.

Oner2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Hhhmm who would know better?

Kavetti6616 about the PS3 hardware, how it is actually made & it's true technical capabilities for cooling and die size...or Sony? You know, the MAKERS of the damned system!

Uhm Yeah, I'll go with Sony. Especially since every model released has gotten quieter, cooler, lighter, more efficient & smaller. In effect "Better" with every revision/iteration.

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