Zelda Commercial Montage: From NES to Wii

A historical montage of Zelda commercials. They are from the old NES original days all the way up to the Nintendo Wii release of Twilight Princess.

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ATLRoAcH4495d ago

Looking back that "Great Graphics" is pretty funny.

Bloodmask4495d ago

bring back fond memories. Who could forget the first time they ever encountered Octoroks, Tectites, and Leevers. The original Legend of Zelda was truly a groundbreaking game.

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jinn4495d ago


Wii60PS3DSPSP4495d ago

Oh Hell no you did not just say that...

The_Firestarter4495d ago

does not compute, does not compute

error, error, error


Zelda games are old school awesomeness.

The_Firestarter4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

double post, my bad

M_Prime4495d ago

Did ur MAMA not teach u any manners.. TSK TSK BOY.. I'm gonna get me my WHOOPIN' STICK NOW!

djt234495d ago

dude are you on something

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