This guy won a year supply of Twinkies for playing the video game Mission Against Terror

Raptr teamed up with Suba Games to give out prizes for simply playing their Mission Against Terror game. The grand prize was a year supply of Twinkies and a $250 Amazon gift card. After countless hours of fending off flesh eating mummies and fighting for survival, a winner was crowned. Here's what all those Twinkies look like.

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mugoldeneagle032660d ago

Though sometimes a grind, and pretty random, is the best. I was lucky enough to win a Drew Doughty (don't expect most people to know him) autographed jersey from EA for playing HUT in NHL 11.

$250 gift card is nice though.

bwazy2660d ago

Article One year later:

"Fatass dies of twinkie overdose, are videogames the new cancer? Stay tuned to FOX news to find out"

bwazy2659d ago

Can you quote in side of a quote? I'm pretty sure thats breaching the 4th wall.

Solidus187-SCMilk2660d ago

I wouldnt want the Twinkies.

Id love a years supply of freaken YODELS tho!

Lavalamp2660d ago

Why would someone make that a prize? That's like being awarded diabetes.

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