Gamer Gaia Rumor Control: What is the 'PSN Pass'?

Gamer Gaia's Raza Hussain writes: "Recently an image began circling the web featuring a bundle edition of Resistance 3 with a 320GB PS3. The strange thing about this image was a new logo found above the Playstation Move compatibility logo, which read, “PSN PASS.” Gamer Gaia delves into the many possibilities as to what this new feature could be."

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ares21al2661d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if this was some kind of upgraded playstation plus

pixboy2661d ago

Yeah, I've seen many readers calling it that. I'm just worried about added fees. I personally can't pay full-price for many of my games.

newleaf2661d ago

very unlikely. It is most probably online pass

Cwalk8162661d ago

I think it'll be something a little different from PlayStation plus. I think they'll do something similar to Xbox 360's cloud storage as a part of it.

TinaLauro2661d ago

Yes, it sounds to me as if fees are going to be part of the package. Still, if others are charging, Sony are right to do the same and capitalise, I guess.

pixboy2661d ago

I believe it's not Sony wanting to capitalise, but rather, them wanting to reduce the problems caused by pre-owned and rental gamers. There's nothing wrong with it, but the industry is being hurt. Sony want to try and make the costs back... at least that's what I think.

maniacmayhem2657d ago

How is the industry being hurt? Last i checked sony, ms and nintendo are still rolling in a sea of money and shi**ing gold.

what developer had to shut down because of used game sales? And if any developer did it makes me wonder just how good that game was.

GetoverHere1222661d ago

Playstation can't pass, only fail. (holds up flame shield)

Otheros002661d ago

Go back to playing with your Call of duty amateur.

GetoverHere1222660d ago

Say what you want, they've had a bad year.

DanielComfort2660d ago

You know, people will complain about this. But people will also complain when they have to spend money for anything.