Tyrannosaurus rushes into battle in this custom Battlefield 3 Theme

DSOGaming writes: "Christina Coffin, DICE’s Frostbite Engine Coder has just released a new, custom theme for Battlefield 3. Christina was having fun with photoshop and this theme is the result of that."

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Sinterfire2666d ago

LOL I wish. That would be a MW killer then :) RAWR!

M4I0N32666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

that looks cool :P, imagine if they added like a dinosaur like horde into the game like how cod have zombies. You'd be seeing dinosaurs bursting through buildings, that'd be cool.

Or Maybe we could see it as a MOD at some point.

Trunkz Jr2666d ago

I can see it now: BF Dinosaurs, like CoD zombies only your fighting dinosaurs :P

Nitrowolf22666d ago

Glad to see more Dinosaurs

RedDead2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Gotta love them dinosaurs...would be nice for Dice to put in a Dinosaur Horde mode haha....keep dreaming :(

Focker4202666d ago

Wow, if only that were true... :(

M4I0N32666d ago

LoL, totally agree, just seen your comment after posting mine about a dinosaur horde lol :P.

Warprincess1162666d ago

And how is this news? Are you guys really gone to approve this. I understand you guys are battlefield fans but this is a pointless article.

john22666d ago

It's a screen post, not a news story :P

LtSkittles2666d ago

Just upset MW3 wouldn't have fake Tyrannosauruses. Smh :/

pandehz2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

@wartpussy or whatever

Woah woah the cod fan bitch is back again.

newhumanbreed2666d ago

LOL so it looks like DICE really did listen to /v/ :)

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