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For those seeking the Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon walkthrough, here is the full strategy guide that will guide you from start to finish for the latest from Vicious Cycle Software for this tactical sci-fi shooter on the PS3 and Xbox 360 allowing you to master the best map exploits, fighting tactics and also includes all those always favored secrets and bonus areas you wish you could find. The spoiler free Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon walkthrough guide from GameGuideDog includes support from developer and publisher team insiders as always and membership truly provides more than the average game help website. Read more and get the full details here:

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SpaceSquirrel2663d ago

I'm pretty excited for this, especially since it is only $40

banjadude2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I traded in a 2 old games of mines and got the game today for a whopping $8.00, lol. No joke!

Thank God too, b/c I didn't have enough cash on me.

gameguidedog2662d ago

Is it as good as it looks in your opinion? I compare it to a really good ep of Half Life 2 only with giant bugs. :)

hadouken0072662d ago

Yeah me too I've been following this game, hope it bad ass.

ismejks2660d ago

surprisingly over japan there was quite interested about this title

bacrec12660d ago

The first one was a surprise this should be no different