Hellgate: London Video Preview (Play:Digital)

Katharine Fletcher of Play:Digital looks at the single-player demo of the action-RPG Hellgate: London.

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It’s London baby! But not as we know it. Step this way for a look at the Hellgate: London demo. The full game is released today (2nd Nov) and looks to be a pretty stylish offering for fans of the emergent RPG/FPS crossover genre, although all that Templar stuff looks like it may well just be a cool setting rather than offering much in the way of plot (not quite as bad as Dan Brown, but you get the idea). And guys, what’s with the accents? Did you think no-one from England would play this game or something?

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Is it just me, or does the attraction factor of a girl go up ten times when they are real gamers? In nerd language that question is made into a statement: "Game girlz r hawt". I already got a gaming gf, so I'm not looking around though, but the formula definetly holds true!

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