MK9 Kenshi DLC: Fatalities and Babality Videos

Dualshock Nexus: DLC that allows players to play as Kenshi in Mortal Kombat 9 has arrived today and is currently available for purchase. We have compiled a few videos of Kenshi's fatalities and babality.

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AndrewE2688d ago

why you be so brutal scolar?

Warprincess1162688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Wow the first one was so cool. I would of loved to buy him but until they fix the lag online. I do not plan on buying any of the DLC.

Ser2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

What lag? After the patch, I haven't noticed any lag.

NRS actually did a good job.

Dart892688d ago

What patch my game hasn't updated since i installed it??

multips3fan2688d ago

your sir are a liar.right now mk9 is unplayable due to lagg .n because lagg is occurring it affects the gameplay of us doing combos n even connecting to a match.even the developers themselves admitted that lagg issues is occurring.

Ser2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

@Dart89 There was a 1.02 patch.

@multips3fan You must be trolling or something. Yes, NRS said there were lag issues, but the majority of which have been ironed out. I'm having no troubles with lag / combo input on the PS3.

Graphics2688d ago

Drak you in denial, everyone still complaining about ps3 version still. The only one that really got fixed was the 360 version. The ps3 version is still bad but not bad as before.

CYCLEGAMER2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I play this game everyday, and am playing it right now, waiting on my turn in king of the hil. To say that the game is unplayable is a flat out lie and an exaggeration. My friends and I play this game everyday after work and experience minimal problems, and that is only with the king of the hill lobbies, have not had a single problem in 1v1 or tag games. And I am able to do combos no problem (not perfect). You are exaggerating.

Are you playing on PS3? If so then maybe you are right but the 360 version is cool IMO

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Ser2688d ago

Graphics, I think you're in denial, buddy.

Here's a video of my playing on the PS3 version of MK9. This is one of MANY lag-free matches I've played today.

Graphics2688d ago

You are misunderstanding. Like many of the other players that play MK9 online. When people are complaining about the lag of MK9 online they are complaining about the input lag. The timing of when you are pressing the buttons. Its not the same as playing offline it was really off pre patch and with the new patch it is better on ps3 but still bad. Online the timing is all wrong and makes it harder to do combos. We not talking about character movement or game stuttering. We talking about button inputs.

multips3fan2688d ago

yes sir U.but what about 90% of the community?? some of us cant even play a full match without getting disconnected.and if ur playing mk right now do me a favor try to play a full match the servers are laggy as hell right now,its probaly worse. another issues is that ppl are having trouble connecting to rank takes a full hour just to play one rank game.and if u do connect u will get lagged my opnion the patch did nothing.and if it helped u like u say .congrats u won 9 cookies

Ser2688d ago you always pull percentages out of the air?

I've played about 20 matches today, and not one of them has lagged.

Ranked match has never worked, that's a given. The player match servers are running just fine though.

If one person lags during a match, the other does as well. And seeing how I've played roughly 20 matches today, that means that 20 other people aren't having lag issues either.

You might want to check your router, the lag is nonexistent on my end.

multips3fan2688d ago

i love how one person defends a game .when thousands says otherwise lmao .u sir are a joke.u should work for nether realm studios n defend their broken game for 20$ n hour on the inthernet

Ser2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

You have absolutely no evidence that the majority of the MK9 community is experiencing connectivity problems.

Where are these "thousands" of people you speak of? Give me some proof here.

Check out the MK9 GameFAQs forum, I don't see ANY connectivity issue topics.

You're blowing hot air unless you can show me proof, guy.

(I just finished 3 matches with a buddy of mine. He used Kenshi. I owned him with Sub-Zero.)

kza2688d ago

I love Mortal Kombat but this game is a joke online, i played for 2hours and did"t finish a single match, kept disconnecting when trying to select a fighter. And NO its not my internet!!