Minecraft Adventure Update News Released

Notch has released today some more news about the upcoming Adventure Update for his game Minecraft.

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mau642661d ago

I can't wait to see where this game ends up.

ainsz2661d ago

How can someone disagree with that?? I too am excited to see how far MineCraft will evolve. I'd love to see it have elements of a user RPG/quest generator added, it's already started in a way with some amazing online servers.

Chewy1022661d ago

They're just mad because 1.8 will kill all old maps. 1.8 uses a new code to make worlds that will cause chunk errors when new areas are loaded in old maps.

Not the cool looking kind, the farlands crash/corrupt the save kind.

X-Zone2661d ago

As Harry Hill would say 'NEVER HEARD OF IT'

Series_IIa2661d ago

As Harry Hill would say *Insert non-comedic value joke here*

ElementX2661d ago

It would be cool if there was an option to play Minecraft more like Terraria with enemies attacking your fortresses and multiple weapons and tools to discover and forge. I haven't played Minecraft in ages but I can't get enough of Terraria.