My Favorite Character

"Not so long ago I took up the “30 Days of Gaming” challenge on Facebook. For those unacquainted it involves finding 30 pictures to post involving various subjects such as favorite love story in a game, game with best cut-scenes, favorite villain, etc. Most were easy for me to decide. I think Shadow of the Colossus had the most epic scene, Klonoa had the saddest scene, and (spoiler warning) my favorite game is Super Mario Bros. 3. Early on in the challenge however was one topic I had to think long and hard on. Who was my favorite character? It took a while to find one, not because I don’t have many beloved characters but because I wanted to make sure whoever I chose was my absolute favorite. I finally did come to a conclusion and it surprised me. Now I wasn’t surprised because this character is unlikable but because when the dust had settled this character was the one. Most people wouldn’t give them a second look and here I was declaring them my favorite character of any video game...

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Desert Turtle2666d ago

Mike from Star Tropics is the best. Seriously, he kills monsters with a yoyo.

pondaboba2666d ago

It's all about the Master Chief!