How to Beat Lou (the Devil) in Guitar Hero 3

Via Ripten: (Includes Video)

"If you've gotten to song 42 in Guitar Hero 3, you know what a jerk the devil can be in a rock-off. The demon code prevents him from declining a rock-off challenge, but that doesn't mean he won't cheat his way to stealing your soul."

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cr33ping_death4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

too late already beat him 3 day of the games release and on expert.

hhmmmm... a disagree...i guess i didnt beat him yet....oh well i guess ill take the expert achivement anyway.

lol 3

benny o klaatt4868d ago

i play you on halo 3 today?

xplosneer4868d ago

the Solo in One by Metallica first....

harv0524868d ago

Persevere....Really? That's probably the most obvious trick I've ever read...Useless...

Quickstrike4868d ago

about 6 hrs ago when i beat him on expert.

Nostradavis4868d ago

how can you expect an article about beating the final character in the game to not have them??

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