8.0 | Child of Eden Review

Child of Eden is a great game that accomplishes the perfect synergy of senses between visuals, sound and touch to create an incomparable play experience that immerses the player and leaves a sensational feeling. The implementation of Kinect is the best I have ever seen in a game and the controls are responsive, intuitive and fluid.

What keeps this great game from being an exceptional game is the lack of multiplayer and the fact that it is very short (even though it is a full retail game). The game is also not for everyone as it is very important for the player to be able to appreciate the art in the graphics and sound.

Child of Eden left a huge emotional mark on me and I am very thankful to its developers for bringing me this unique experience. Bring on the DLCs, or even better, a sequel!

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Psychonaughty2663d ago

Mines in the post right now, looking forward to such a stunning game, better with Kinect indeed.