Driver: San Francisco might actually not suck

Anyone who has played the last few Driver games probably has a bad enough taste in their mouth to just keep on walking after hearing of a new Driver game in the works. Surprisingly, however, the upcoming Driver: San Francisco appears to have a shot at not sucking super hard.

No way!


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DA_SHREDDER2714d ago

I'm just trying not to set myself for failure. I loved Driver 1 and 2. Its Ubi so I really don't have high expectations, but I will be more than appreciative if it was actually a good game. This gen has just proven to be the most unpredictable gen ever.

Twizlex2714d ago

Me too. Driver was one of my favorite games back then. Love the director mode, haha. It's pretty much been downhill since the first one.

Nate-Dog2714d ago

Same, I liked Driver 1 and 2, played a bit of 3 and wasn't really fussed with it at that stage. I really didn't like the idea behind the new Driver personally when I saw the new trailer but who knows maybe Ubi will pull something out of the bag with it. I'm sure (unless it is reviewed horribly) that I'll at the very least rent it at some stage.

gcolley2714d ago

the driving has always been the best car chase style in every game in the series, and stuntman, it is just the rest of it. if gta had this driving style i would actually play it.

Cookigaki2714d ago

Won't believe it til I play it

Twizlex2714d ago

Can't possibly be worse than Driv3r. Even the title of that game was terrible!

AWBrawler2714d ago

So hard to not LOL at a article name like that