The Design Challenges of Resistance 3

Gamasutra: "The Resistance franchise has become a stalwart of the PlayStation 3 lineup. This year, the third game in the franchise will be released -- one which takes the darkest turn the series has seen yet, presenting a world in which the humans have been all but totally eradicated.

Of course, the gameplay designers are more concerned with tweaking the game's design to serve the player than the story. For Cameron Christian, developer Insomniac Games' senior designer for single player and lead designer for multiplayer, the challenges of refining the Resistance franchise are paramount."

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zerocrossing2661d ago

Cant wait for Resistance 3!

TheDivine2661d ago

Yea its looking darn tootin good. I enjoyed the first 2 but they are def not top tier fps. They are fun and have co-op :) but the franchise has never made the leap from good to great for me. Hope this shatters my expectations, the multiplayer is lookig really good acually.

zerocrossing2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Resistance 1 is my favourite 2 was good though I just dont think it was as good, But maybe I just liked the London setting lol. I hope the 3rd explaines more about the chimera and those other things you hear about in the books.