Battlefield 3 - Snipers will have Scope Reflection & Scope Sway

Daniel Matros (DICE General Manager) has been talking in a podcast by Dont Revive Me Bro. He has recently confirmed that snipers will get scope reflection & scope sway to balance out the addition of prone.

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fluffydelusions2661d ago

Snipers are my only real issue with BF games. There are always too many. At least they are making it harder for them.

deadpoole2660d ago

-Finally true challenge for snipers ... now only elite of elites will dare to be this class :p

lil Titan2660d ago

thats still gonna be the asshole class of the game remember quick scoping lvl 50s or people who make new accounts just to be assholes

Yardie2660d ago

This is good news, i was really hoping for wind though.

ViserysTargaryen2660d ago

Agree. BC 2 is infested with snipers, these guys need a game mechanic that is actually harder than point and kill.

Pl4sm42660d ago

YES ......... another hit for COD players that switched to BF3 ... ''no quick scoping BTW '' LOOLOLOLOLLOOLLOOL

DeadlyFire2660d ago

ha. This a challenge? I doubt it. Easy solution is already in place in my mind.

I don't know why you guys complain about snipers. If they do their job right you should be able to cross into open terrain. :P

Still don't plan on turning in my M24. Scope sway is something I love. Glad they are using it.

DasTier2660d ago

@ViserysTargaryen theres still bullet drop and with the likely scale of the map its not just point and drop now is it?

HardCover2660d ago

Snipers are your issue with BF games?

I mean, snipers weren't really an issue until Bad Company....

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curtis_boy2660d ago



DAS6922660d ago

yeah...thanks for that.

SLEDGE2660d ago

The only good thing with a Left analog(movement) is when I need to vary my movement speed.
Apart from that, I move more fluently with AWSD then analog.

the_best_player2660d ago

Not true, it would be too hard for console games to do advanced movement like "bunny hop" (Bhop) as seen in CSS, Quake and HL2DM.

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subtenko2660d ago

This just in, guns will contain bullets in them, and get this...when you run out, you character will load in another clip! :O

poopturd_mcgee2661d ago

Really? you love them because they are adding what almost every other game has?

jon12342661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

no he loves them because snipers were a bitch in all battlefield games and now theyre making harder for snipers to give us battlefield players a difficult time so there :P

Check and mate

jon12342661d ago

@poop ohh cool i guess i am a tool :) , im happy to help when it involves battlefield :D

Hockeydud192661d ago

Yea especially because Call of Duty and Halo have actual scope swaying and good reflections. Ever notice there's no steady aim perk in Battlefield or hold your breath so you have a better shot?

CaptCalvin2660d ago

Call of Duty absolutely needed it. without it the other guns would be useless and the game would turn into call of snipers

Jezuz2660d ago

seriously ? Fighting over THIS ?


This is not about the Sniper, is the game in overall. That is why DICE is great creating Shooters, which put in shame a lot of military shooter in the market like Call of the Noobs.

djsandman2660d ago


What a douche lol. Everyone vote down his bubbles..

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jon12342660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

@Jezuz whose fighting?

JsonHenry2661d ago

Won't make a difference. I deal with those things in real life and still hit my target. I'll still be "that f-ing sniper!" when I play.

BlackKnight2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Scope reflection means the enemy (including enemy snipers) can see you easier when you aim-down-sight and sitting still for too long. It doesn't affect how you aim, besides enemy gunfire coming at you.

JsonHenry2661d ago Show
BlackKnight2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

My point was that sniper reflections does not affect your aim, it gives away your position.

And if you really deal with it in "real life", id be surprised since in real life you can buy these or are used by military/mercs:

And just because you are good at something in real life doesn't mean it translates over into video games 1:1, ESPECIALLY when it is not even a sim game. Video games does not automatically equal easier. The fact we get stuck on objects in the game world but in real life it is way easy to walk over stuff is just ONE EXAMPLE of how its not 1:1.

Miiikeyyy2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

It's kinda difficult to beleive you deal with those things. You mentioned it twice now, If it were true I doubt you'd keep bragging.
Although I'm not calling you a liar! so don't get me wrong :)

JsonHenry2661d ago

Who is bragging? I'm just pointing out it is giving false hope to people who think the sniper class will be too difficult to play to be an annoyance in BF3. If it can be easily overcome in real life, just how much easier do you think it will be in a video game?

jimbone792660d ago

Well I actually know quite a few people that kill for a living and not one of them would write it so carefree on a gaming website, I really have to agree with MYK. People who do that kind of thing in real life usually don't casually talk about it, especially on websites.

MysticStrummer2660d ago

I'm not sure I believe him or not, I just don't care. I think it's hilarious that he'd make that announcement on N4G.

Why o why2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

So what is it jay, cleaner or mechanic or do you like a bit of airsoft ;)

Real life dont mean sh/t in game life......unless its to do with gt5 obviously;)

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Liquid_Ocelot2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


We don't give half-a-f*ck about what you 'deal with' in real life.. go 'flaunt' that bs on Facebook/Twitter or something if you please, here we dont care. Stick to the topic.

Great news, I love to snipe and this should bring diversity on the battlefield.

thugbob2660d ago


Gaming and real life are 2 different things. The sway will definitely make sniping harder in game.

Septic2660d ago

You sir....just got b*tchslapped by BlackKnight.

Big_Dom2660d ago

Fuckin hell, listen to Rambo here! So full of bollocks.

shayol33t2660d ago

You seem perfect for the military, all piss and vinegar.

Regardless, I look forward too oh so many things for battlefield 3, watching out for glint's in the distance just makes it better :)

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electricshadow2661d ago

This game keeps getting better and better. I want it to be October 25th!