Exclusive: Best Buy Gunning For GameStop Marketshare, Launching “Best Buy Gaming” Stores

Joel Taveras writes, "It’s been a few years now that Best Buy (BBY) has been dipping their toes in the used game sales pool. And now it looks like the Richfield, Minnesota based brick and mortar retailer is about to completely jump in. Their goal: to take as much of GameStop’s market share in the bustling used game sales industry; and considering what they have planned they may just pull it off."

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Chadness2666d ago

Not surprising. If this takes off, it may create an interesting competition between Best Buy and GameStop to see who can give the customer better value for their trade ins. I suppose that only helps the customer.

Peppino72666d ago

Just don't treat the average gamer and uninformed parent like Gamestop does and you'll do just fine.

lil Titan2666d ago

when i go to best buy i feel like a kid going to toy r us. im looking forward not going to gamestop no more

fluffydelusions2666d ago

I only go to gamestop because it's right across the street from me. Bestbuy is like a 10 minute bus ride...

Eddie201012666d ago

I'm all for Best Buy competing, and hopefully bringing a better consumer experience, with Gamestop. I buy a lot of games from Best Buy anyway.

I wish they would come up with a way to compensate the developers and publishers for the money lost to them from used sales, their selling used copies of games within days of its new release and that certainly does not help the developers bottom line, they need to make profit in order to keep making games.

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iiprotocolii2666d ago

If anyone could compete against GameStop, it's probably Best Buy. The reason I say this is because Best Buy is a well-known, and logistically expanded brand/store, that people are comfortable with. Consumers are comfortable with the brand (just look at how much people spend on overpriced GeekSquad priced) and will, no doubt, use it for their gaming necessities.

They pretty much cover just about everything within their store. Having a "gaming section" will probably lure existing customers to that area of the store, or bring in newer ones. The fact that their incentives are competitive against that of GameStop is a notable perk that will probably redirect GameStop customers to the upcoming Best Buy gaming section. This is going to be interesting.

Abriael2666d ago

Interesting, after all, the more competition the better for us :D

JoelT2666d ago

Maybe the price of in store firmware upgrades goes down? :p

AndrewE2666d ago

Joel Taveras is a gentlemen of gentlemenly video game coverage.

allenhpark2666d ago

That sounds pretty awesome; we'll finally have some healthy competition when it comes to stores that strictly sell videogames.

JoelT2666d ago

If only walmart would get this aggressive too.

Abriael2666d ago

the more the better :D

Parasyte2666d ago

I don't think they ever will. WalMart makes too much money selling other things to even worry with video games.

But, who knows, it could happen.

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