The Cloudy Future of L.A. Noire and Team Bondi

From the feature article:

"Not too long ago news leaked that the development team over at Team Bondi fell victim to poor employment conditions while hard at work on the ambitious 40s crime game L.A. Noire. While the game turned out to be quite a fantastic package - the future of Team Bondi and the franchise is growing bleaker each day."

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UltimaEnder2753d ago

Hope they get back together for a sequel!

NYC_Gamer2753d ago

no one should support this studio after the harsh treatment of employees

CrzyFooL2753d ago

making games is hard, news at 11.

PhantomT14122753d ago

At least the "workers" there should be salvaged by other studios if it has to close, they deserve it.

Magnus2753d ago

Maybe someone like EA, Sony, or even Activision can pick up the game Hope there is a sequal to the game its a great game.

PhantomT14122753d ago

Lol, Activsion (or even EA) + Team Bondi, it would be a real labor camp in there.