New Battlefield 3 information - limited destruction, post-release support, customisation and more

SystemLink: "Don't Revive Me Bro had a live podcast interview with Daniel Matros, Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE. Here are the key quotes we picked up:"

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ainsz2751d ago

Shame that you can't demolish houses. I was in belief that Frostbite 2 was an upgrade from the older engine...

RedDead2751d ago

More of a cosmetic upgrade I always thought. Unfortunately. Still it's ahead of the market in terms of destruction

Legionaire20052751d ago

Not ahead of THQ's Red Fraction series, the most destructible evironment game on the planet. It's not all that limited like the Battlefield games. Red Fraction 3 and 4 had the most destruction ever.

blumatt2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I'm pretty sure he meant it's ahead of Call of Duty in terms of destruction. Fixed. lol Cause Battlefield and CoD are the two most popular lately. If CoD ever gets destruction, I'll be happy. It's ridiculous when a huge airstrike comes in and it kills you while you're inside a building yet the building itself has absolutely NO damage.

And then you've got times where someone is sitting sniping from an open window from a building and you can't kill them. If there was destruction in CoD, you could shoot a rocket launcher at the window and blow a huge hole in the side of the building so you can see them, or even blow the building itself down and keep them from going back there again. There's less camping from buildings in BC2 because people can knock the entire building down with a rocket or some C4.

Pixel_Pusher2751d ago

Similar to BFBC2 you can demolish some buildings completely but not all. How is that a problem? Do you think about how total destruction of all buildings on a map would affect the gameplay?

MidnytRain2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Yeah, demolishing everything could break the game, especially in Conquest. Trying to capture a base could turn out impossible if there was no cover to work with.

acquanemesisX2751d ago

a couple of months ago I heard from some article that you could completely destroy some buildings while others you can only blow the walls apart. Now im hearing you only can blow walls. What he said under the quote could've been an interpretation of the quote. What it could've meant is that some you can collapse while others you can't.
Now there is rubble left from buildings which can somehow be used to camoflauge or cover. Doesn't mean all buildings should go down, I also like to have some safer inside areas.

pr0digyZA2751d ago

From what I have heard, any singular building that is not that big will be able to go down, where as the big buildings that form more of a barrier can only have their walls shot down.I'm also going to guess that any building where there is an objective won't be able to be shot down.

JLeVRT2751d ago

I believe that having the ability to break buildings completely (like in BFBC2), is a tactical strategy... destroy all the buildings.... eliminate all the cover for the enemy. I thought it was cool.

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Shackdaddy8362751d ago

Ya and CoD is totally better >_>

Drake_Seraphim2751d ago

Yeah, compared to MW3's level of destruction it's...oh wait

Hellsvacancy2751d ago

Yep, BF3 IS the joke, but Modern Warfare is the part you LAUGH at

Miiikeyyy2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I have no idea how you can look at this game and think it's a joke. Considering you think COD is actually good. I feel sorry you, I really do. Enjoy your Inferior game.

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Drake_Seraphim2751d ago

The quote was "In order to make a perfect game, in order to drive you forward and not stop you in your tracks; you can destroy most things, but you can't destroy everything." Let's not jump to conclusions and just take it for what he said. He could have been talking about mountains and terrain too.

DeadlyFire2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Can to destroy houses. Just not skyscrapers. Can knock wholes in all sides of them, but they won't fall.

ainsz2751d ago

Well that makes sense, I suppose all will be revealed in the beta soon!

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Hufandpuf2751d ago

I'd take tactical destruction, it makes the game more balanced than taking down everything and having a barren map. some buildings don't go down in BC2 but it still feels like you destroyed everything.

GrumpyVeteran2751d ago

I'd just love to see one map that'd allow complete destruction, just to see how it'd work out. Destruction is better than none, but truth be told I want destruction to the max. Since that won't happen, I'll just have to imagine it.

Hufandpuf2751d ago

If you want complete destruction, play Red Faction guerrilla. You can level entire buildings and leave nothing left.

BlueRevolvuR2751d ago

Aw, there goes my Michael Bay extravaganza.

Liquid_Ocelot2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Crap.. :(
Not bad, of course it's still awesome.. but I had plans >B^D)
Now they're all crushed <8^C) lol

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