Is The PS Move Dead In The Water?

It’s hard to believe that Sony’s ‘Wii beating’ motion controlling gameplay revolution glow stick of shiny-ness launched late last year. The controller saw the majority of its selling action within the first few months of launch, and even then the numbers weren’t that staggering, or at least as impressive as rival peripheral Kinect.

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Wick2665d ago

Makes me very glad I never bought one.

The first time I used it was at a preview event for Killzone 3. It worked pretty well for that, but honestly didn't make me want to put down the controller for it. I feel much more at home with a Dualshock 3 or an XBOX 360 controller in-hand, than I do using one of these or Kinect.

None of the Move games really interest me either. Other than Socom and Killzone, but those both fall into my previously mentioned opinion.

Bigpappy2664d ago

Sony is woking on making PS4 have more Kinect-like motion capability, if this story
is to be believed. If true, this could keep M$ at bay, as it will steal away its unique feature. We have to see how it works and where M$ has gone with Kinect by then.

gamingdroid2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I doubt it, PS Move didn't exactly keep Wii at bay.

Better hardware doesn't always translate to greater adoption. It is about creating interesting uses of it as well as providing the proper support via a good SDK, pulling business strings and providing resources (like engineers) to third parties essentially courting third parties.

Now Sony might be able to pull it off without third party support (after all you have big enough user base and third parties will come), with their first party studios, but it will take more than 1 decent game and 2-3 hardcore games that really doesn't need it like the PS Move.

MS faces the same problem with Kinect, nobody sees a need for Kinect in hardcore gaming, but they at least got the casuals and the Kinect interface is a nice touch (for now until that get's old and stale).

Just releasing something and hoping for the best might have worked in the past in a stale industry, but the competitive landscape has changed significantly thanks to Nintendo and they are trying again with the Wii U.

zealottt2664d ago


We steal while others innovate

slayorofgods2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

motion control is dead.

I hope not, Kinect is also a failure. It was released 5 years late as Nintendo has already played the motion control market... It's done now. The next wii is even moving on from motion controls.

Bigpappy2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I strongly disagree. Motion control has not even evolved yet. There is so much more to do with it.

Working in tandem with the controller and more board and strategy game, while sitting, are just a couple of the soon to be explored features of the Kinect version of motion control. This is where kinect in my eyes is the future of motion control. It just gives you more options and really can be added to any games and work with any other input option. Because you have nothing in your hands, means that you can put anything in your hands. As soon as developers fully grasp that concept, and M$ improves the software to allow for all these variables, we will see many motion features added to games that are not motion based.

badz1492664d ago

you know..."MOVE is DOOMED" article day!

chaos-lockheart2664d ago

I wonder where this article got their ideas from, how the F will they know anything, just some guy thinking he knows everything. what a BS!!

Tired2665d ago

I use mine quite a bit. Cant wait for resistance.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2664d ago

Same. I still play the fight and I've only used my ds3 once with kz3, and that's because my move controllers were charging.

JoGam2664d ago

Me too Hawkboi. I LOVE my move controller.

garos822664d ago

me 2. i play alot of killzone 3 with it, occasionally ill give tumble a few plays and also the fight. sport champion is also one i head to every now and then. but im looking forward to lbp2 dlc and what the community will come up with it!

badz1492664d ago

SOCOM feels a bit weird though because it's TPS I think but I still use it. can't wait for Resistance 3 too!

DarkTower8052664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Bought the Move a week ago and I'm loving it. The Fight is a great game I'm glad I bought, The Shoot is pretty cool too.

Bell Boy2664d ago

after k3 with Move I don't want to go back to fps without move support. Resistance went from a maybe to a day 1 purchase based on move support for me..

cobra42664d ago

really? I tried kz3 with move when i had the demo and thought it was cool but it was kinda hard so I never went back to it. might have to try it again...

badz1492664d ago

that means you haven't try it enough! once you've got use to it, which doesn't take long, you'll understand! :-)

etebitan2664d ago

KZ3 with the sharpshooter is awesome... also im kinda hyped for medieval moves... i know it looked very childlish but coming from the guys from sports champions... it has to be good right??

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NYC_Gamer2665d ago

it just lacks original software that would push many to buy the hardware

JoGam2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Well you can say the same for Kinect. Nothing major that makes people want to buy.

NYC_Gamer2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

^^^^i fully agree both lack good software.

itsralf2664d ago

lol fruit ninja kinect

gamingdroid2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

They both need killer software, but Kinect is at least showing full support from MS. So much so, that the gaming community is upset about the direction.

PS Move seems all, but dead. Nothing announced (that I can remember) at E3. Everything released so far has been Wii re-hash, and no interesting use for the new found precision.

Where is Richard Marks showing his latest stuff? The only real upcoming PS Move "thing" I can remember is Sorcery which we have heard nothing of since....

Fruit Ninja Kinect actually looks fun. So does Gunstringer, Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon. There are tons of Kinect stuff coming out this year.

badz1492664d ago

this is what happen when you're so blindly one sided!

there are a lot of announcement regarding MOVE during E3! go look it up! but don't expect the slew of on-rail games like those for Kinect though!

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SoundGamer2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

"Admittedly it is fun for a bit, and the novelty of the experience is exciting for a few hours, but after a short period you will return to your trusty dualshock and dish out the dirt in the more comfortable and traditional manner."

Actually, I never use my DualShock 3 in KZ 3's MP. I only use the Move.

No crap the Move isn't for everyone, and Sony knows that. This is one reason they make it optional in many games and still focus their attention on core games on the whole (in stark contrast with another company who seems to have forgotten their core supporters).

But this article is a bit on the verge of trolling. Especially with that opening statement.

LOGICWINS2665d ago

"But this article is a bit on the verge of trolling. Especially with that opening statement."

So anyone providing an opinion you don't agree with is trolling?

SoundGamer2665d ago

No but anyone providing an OPINION (as you said) as FACT is trolling.

Also, learn the meaning of the phrase "on the verge of."

There are loads of articles I do not agree with, but as long as they are objective, they keep their bias out of it, and provide facts, I'm cool with it. That's not trolling, or flamebait, that's journalism.

But the fact that this starts out with,

"..Sony’s ‘Wii beating’ motion controlling gameplay revolution glow stick of shiny-ness..."

and went on with,

"the numbers weren’t that staggering, or at least as impressive as rival peripheral Kinect."

Further said,

"The preowned section in videogames retailers are literally jam packed with Playstation Moves, and it isn’t all that surprising to be honest."

That's on the verge of trolling. The article goes on to say how useless most of the Move titles are in addition to saying that some are imitations of other games (totally disregarding the fact that just about every platform has their own version of the same type of game).

Etc., etc., etc.

I'm cool with opinions, just don't try and pass it off as fact with no source for your claim.

Rush2664d ago

The Article starts off,

"Is The PS Move Dead In The Water?"

Then goes on to give his own insight into the situation.

Maybe am just naive but how does asking a question then giving your opinion on a matter, make you a troll trying to pass something as fact.

Am going to call typical fanboy BS on this.

Ju2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Is it? Stating a question with precedence which actually expects a suggestive answer?

Maybe I see conspiracy everywhere, then. But, objectivity would reference sources and not try to convince me "Admittedly it is fun for a bit, and the novelty of the experience is exciting for a few hours, but after a short period you will return to your trusty dualshock".

This is an opinion presented as a general consensus which this certainly is not. I, for example, cannot go back to the DS3 in the games I play with the Move, especially KZ3 and Socom. I tried, but I just can't do it.

I also think, that the majority here have opinions based on hear say of some with bad experience - with out trying themselves. It might work for you - or it might not. But I think articles like this keep people from trying. I would suggest, try it yourself and reserve judgement until then.

What I do agree, though, is, that Sony should put more weight behind Move and either give incentives to devs to support it or force them to do so - and, please, this is always an option. Nobody forces anyone to use the Move - however, I am forced to use the DS3 in games which don't support Move. I would like this to change.

Hicken2664d ago

"Motion gaming isn't for me. Be it Kinect, MOVE, or the Wii, I'm not fond of it. The MOVE in particular is difficult for me; as a left-hander, trying to use, for example, the sureshot for the MOVE. I sucked trying to use it on KZ3. But I know a lot of people who absolutely love using the MOVE for Killzone, SOCOM, and other such games."

That's me offering my opinion on the MOVE. It's my personal experience, along with something to temper that, and even a few reason as to why my experience isn't fun.

I could go further by, for example, disputing his assertion about the used MOVES: we have just two in stock, as opposed to about 15 Kinects and a dozen Wiis.

That's fact. No opinion in it, no bias.

The title DOES incite a level of cynicism, as you find yourself either saying, "Hell yeah, it is!" or "Hell no!"

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Bell Boy2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

well said sir

the biggest strength of move imo is the very fact it is not rammed down your throat but can be implemented in core games such as kz3 as an option..

an option I might add that for many myself included is now the option of choice for kz3 and to be frank if a fps does not offer move support I reckon I will be passing on it's purchase..

I would count myself as a core gamer who loves the option of move...don't believe all the rumors of moves death on the internet I am fairly confident I am not alone in finding a new lease of life in fps with move

Doctorofreality2665d ago

its a classier versino of the wii, no inovation sadly. they should have come up with something more groundbraking than accuracy with all that time.