Game Rant Minute: Halo Anniversary Multiplayer

While 343‘s Halo Anniversary will let gamers play through Halo’s single player campaign with gorgeous new HD graphics it will also let them dive back into its multiplayer, just not all of it. Halo Anniversary will launch this November with six of Halo: Combat Evolved’s multiplayer maps and one exclusive Firefight map. When Halo: Combat Evolved launched on the original Xbox almost 10 years ago it came with 13 multiplayer maps. What gives? Why does the anniversary edition only get six?

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Neko_Mega2751d ago

I was wondering if their was more then six maps.

qwertyz2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

people will never be satisfied at least they remade the entire game with an improved version of the halo reach engine(at least this one uses FXAA rather than tsaa that causes ghosting as well as other enhancements at least according to Microsoft) rather than just releasing the xbox 1 version with upped resolution like konami is doing with their ps2 game collections.


all I'm saying is that at least the graphics are up to date look at the god of war collection for example... EXACT same thing as the ps2 version just upscaled to 720p. you know its being sold for $40 and not $60 right ? that has to count for something. I'm just saying you have to appreciate the effort they made into completely remaking the game on the new engine rather than just giving the same thing as xbox 1

bwazy2751d ago

Who cares how they made it? How about I sell you an Icecream cone with the middle hollowed completely out. Will see if you complain then.

newhumanbreed2751d ago

Well is it an HD version of the original ice cream cone?

MOTY2751d ago

And is the original ice cream still available for me to eat at a lower cost than the new HD version of the ice cream?

m232751d ago

Damn, people always seem to find something to complain about.

jdktech20102751d ago

Let me sum this up....

I'm a whiner who's looking for hits. Why on earth would I want to play some of the crappy maps?

I personally think this is a good move and I'll probably pick it up early 2012 (unless I buckle under pressure but probably not with the other games coming out). It's a cool idea that's nostalgic for old gamers, great for new gamers who couldn't get past the graphics and great for either of those gamers who want more Reach maps

hazelamy2751d ago

would it be too cynical if i suggested it was so they could sell those other maps later as dlc?