Top 5 Most Anticipated Games For The Nintendo Wii U

During this year’s E3, Nintendo impressed many (and confused many more) with its new console, the Wii U. The new Nintendo touchscreen controller was demoed with a bunch of faux games that were used to show off the capabilities of the new controller. Sure, many of the tech demos seemed pretty impressive, but they weren’t anywhere close to full games. Nintendo and a few third parties stepped up and announced several games that would be coming to the new hardware, but all of the announcements severely lacked in the detail department.

Quite a few titles were announced for the Wii U, but which games stood head-and-shoulders above the others? We’re glad you asked, because we’ve compiled a list of five Wii U-exclusive games that have been announced, and will hopefully make the system worth owning when it launches next year.

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mike1up2666d ago

Nice article and great game choices!
Personally i am really lookin forward to playing Tekken and Batman if they make it to the Wii U.