Top 10 Games You Must Play This Holiday Season

This holiday season is the biggest in gaming history, with so many highly anticipated games coming out, it's easily getting complicated, and expensive, if gamers want to check them all out. Here's the top ten list of games they must play - either buy, rent or borrow - this holiday season.

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Bloodmask4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

I am not suprised to see Super Mario Galaxy at No 1 spot. I am also glad to see that Mass Effect is on the list.Mass Effect is going to be something really special for RPG fans this year. Bioware hasn't let me down yet.

It is also nice to see Assassin's Creed as well as Call of Duty 4 on the list. Those are definately all top pics to me.

unsunghero284867d ago

SMG should be a blast.

The only things I disagree with about the list is that COD4 (Great GOTY contender, not to mention it has shooter of the year) is pretty low on the list whereas Crysis (which I absolutely can't stand) is in second place.

sonarus4867d ago

was thinking the exact same thing. When i see kane and lynch and i see area 51 and no drake i start to smell sumthin funny

socomnick4867d ago

mass effect is my #1 man I cant wait argggg come out already.

Bloodmask4866d ago

Mass Effect is going to be something special. The original KOTOR is one of my favorite RPGs to date. Jade Empire was also good. I have a feeling they won't let me down.

freakyzeeky4867d ago

Nice list... I want to play SMG as well. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.