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trainsinrdr2759d ago

Fantastic more pass bullshit.

Heartnet2759d ago

Meh developers and publishers alike will do what they must to destroy the pre owned market :) thats just good buisiness sense :D

killcycle2759d ago

The problem i have with this is that i have 3 ps3's and play on multiple psn ID's.

Such a pain, i brought the game just let me play the damn thing online via disc.

cemelc2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Even if you have 1000 ps3 you could sign with your account in those others 999 ps3, why would you need multiple account except for buying games from other psn in that case sign with those whats the problem then?

heroicjanitor2759d ago

People are looking for problems, there is no problem. They can't let people buy used and play online, they make no money from it.

Larry L2759d ago

You don't know that it won't work with multiple IDs anyway. With Mortal Kombat's kombat pass, it works with my sub-accounts. As long as the pass is on the PS3, it works for all accounts. At least the ones from the same region. I havn't tried playing online in other regions.

I've HEARD with some games the online passes don't work with other accounts. But I've only heard it, not seen for myself. PLUS I HEARD that on the internet and often what I hear online is BS, especially when coming from people with an agenda, which everyone online seems to have these days.

All I know first hand is that the Kombat Pass works on my other accounts, so don't ASSume that Sony's PSN pass won't.

morganfell2759d ago

You can either choose to use gamesharing among your multiple IDs or just use the one ID. I have 3 PS3s in the house and enjoy the fact that I can download content on one PS3, play it, and then install the same DLC on the other 2 systems, all because I use the ID in multiple locations in the house. I am really looking forward to seeing how this works with Vita in games like Ruin.

Focker4202759d ago

I bet its like the new Rockstar pass where you pay a pre-set amount at the beginning of the game and it would be cheaper than buying all of the DLC seperately. Its like a DLC bundle pre-order.

Nadasico2759d ago

heroicjanitor what about people who rent games. An don't even go there with that they make no money crap. The DLC rape train on dam near any game these days is fulls speed ahead. You can't even get a fighting game these days with a complete roster.

BattleAxe2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I'll take a "pass" on this.

NatureOfLogic2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

F*ck sony if this is true.

Corepred42759d ago

Man, I don't know if its cause i'm stoned, but you can blame this shit directly on MS. With their paying for xbox live, now everyone is trying to charge you one way or the other for online! I'm gonna be sad when the days come when you have to pay to even reserve a game! or having to pay extra to have a 2nd player play with you. =(

SilentNegotiator2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

If Sony is coming out with an official multiplayer pass thing for every game, I'll just go ahead and quit gaming right now.

PLEASE tell me it isn't.

orange-skittle2759d ago

You would be the only douche bag that would blame this on MS. Grow the f-ck up!!! What the hell does this have to do with MS? Sony is damn company that has to make money to survive. Why do you morons think everything stays free forever. Even when you buy used games and developers dont get paid, they come up with a way to benefit you and them...and you still complain. Nothing makes you people happy.

Kurt Russell2759d ago

"People are looking for problems, there is no problem. They can't let people buy used and play online, they make no money from it."

I completely disagree. There is a reason a game ends up 2nd hand on a shelf... A good title will sell regardless of the 2nd hand market.

A lot of games do this, and it stops me being able to play them with friends when I visit their houses... Something I have every right to do on purchase.

King_many_layers2758d ago

Some people here are such fools.

Why shouldn't Games come with a Pass for online Access ??

Where I live in the UK I have 2 Game stores, a Gamestation and a HMV, all of which only seem to stock new copies of Games that are a year or less more. The areas that contain the new copies also are considerably smaller and less substantial than the Pre-owned sections.

The casual Gamer is much more likely to buy second hand as it's cheaper and has more variety. Great for the consumer and store but not the Publisher or actual Game Developer.

So I wholeheartedly agree with A charge for used copies to play online so the developer can actually earn something for their work.

Christopher2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

@killcycle: Yeah, that's my one issue with online passes. I don't care that people who buy second-hand have to buy a pass, but when you buy a pass or buy a game new with an included pass, it should work for all of your PS3s and for everyone in your household. Perhaps Sony needs to implement a 3 console, 3 user account pass rather than EA's single user account pass concept. Similar to how they allow you to download games to different PS3s.

***I completely disagree. There is a reason a game ends up 2nd hand on a shelf... A good title will sell regardless of the 2nd hand market.***

Not in this day and age. Key titles will sell, but not "good titles" necessarily. And especially not at an amount to make up for the ever growing increases in the cost to develop games. People are looking for better deals every day, and if they can shave $5-10 off the cost of a game and get an even better deal on it by trading in one or two games they just bought second-hand at the same store... they will do it.

And all that while, you have the people who invested $20m in it, spent years developing it, and made about $10-15 profit on each new game sale watching this company make $30 profit just by reselling the same game. They know they can't stop them from doing it, so they've had to do things that people don't like to get the money they deserve.

I doubt anyone here would do anything less if put in the same position in this day and age.

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kneon2759d ago

How can you complain when you don't even know what it is yet? Maybe it crap, maybe it's fantastic, we don't know.

Kee2759d ago

I don't know what it is, but it does sound a bit like it's a pass that lets you play the game online, except its for first party psn games.

So we have our kombat pass, our EA pass and now our PSN pass. You see? Its all to stop people buying games pre-owned.

I usually buy games new. But if I don't want to pay the full price for a game (to save money), I just wait a while until it gets the inevitable price drop and check amazon regularly which most of the time has the cheapest price.
I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but using this system I manage to get by and play all the games I want without having to buy pre-owned.

kneon2759d ago

I'm doubtful that it's related to online play as it says it's only available where the PSN store is available, not where PSN is available. So it may be related to DLC in some way.

gamingdroid2759d ago

"So we have our kombat pass, our EA pass and now our PSN pass. You see? Its all to stop people buying games pre-owned."

Now, I don't know what it is, but I do know that EA pass is a piece of sh!t I will not support (except for Mass Effect). It prevents me from sharing my game with other family members and friends.

So for the love of games, I hope this isn't an online pass thing. That said, Sony has done it in the past on PSP games so who knows....

theonlylolking2759d ago

Because PSN and pass is not a good sounding combination just like EA pass.

tplarkin72759d ago

It says PSN and Pass. It's by Sony. Therefore, it will stink.

Those who disagree aren't being honest about Sony's mismanagement of PSN.

kamakaz3md2759d ago

maybe its an online pass but because u buy the game new, you get bonus content or sumn, idfk lol, its gotta be sumn were gonna have to deal with, and idc as long as i can play sum R3 sngle player and online... this game, infamous 2, and dues ex 3 are my games of the year picks!

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showtimefolks2759d ago

when they make their new games the store like gamestop,amazon,bestbuy etc,,,, get 10-15 dollars on each copy for just putting these games in their store. How do i know well M-patcher explained this in his show that's how.

so these store buy back these games and give us 1/4 of the original price and yet they still sell it close to a new price so they can make money on a single game 3-5 times while people who work on these only get paid once.

And GET WITH THE PROGRAM we are going in to digital download age where all games we will own will be cloud based. Gamestop is making over 2 billion dollars alone in profit each quarter think about that just from selling these used games.

take-two Rock star

should all do this a $10-$15 dollar online pass. Sad thing is if you go to bestbuy or gamestop none of their used games say this game will require you to buy an online pss so you buy it for 54.99 saving $6 dollars than spending 410 to just play online. So its not like they are informing their consumers about this atleast i have not seen it

so i maybe one of the few who agrees with publishers but i want these guys to keep making games i want to play and now go out of business like so many studios have gone in last 2-4 years.

also the argument you have multiple accounts well you need to use one to play online games and stick with it like most of us who have one account.

and the argument well i can't sell my games anymore on ebay and stuff just give $10 off the price you are asking and that's should solve your ebat/craiglist problems

I hope MS launches with gears 3,forza 4 and halo HD remake and sony with UC3,resistance 3 and twisted metal

now click disagree peace out that's juts my opinion

Ocelot5252759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

second hand sales are a fundamental aspect of the market system. It allows people who are dissapointed with their game to sell their game.

People tend to keep good games, and tend to sell games they don't like.

This allows overhyped but shitty games to get punished.(like duke nukem forever, the second hand shelves are filled with this game because many preordered it)

This is why I am proponent to introduce a second hand system on steam.

Soldierone2759d ago

Here is the opposing side of that story, and why you get disagrees.

-Why can't the developers just work out a deal with Gamestop and other major retail places to get another 5 to 10 dollars off used games that sell over 20 dollars?

-Why is COD and MANY other games not having any issues? simple, they are GOOD games and people will buy them.

-People like me will buy LESS games if we don't have the option to sell them, end of story. ESPECIALLY if its online based. I can't stand paying 50+ friggin dollars on a dang downloaded cut costs and still price it high, PROVING they are being greedy. My 70+ games would only be like 10 or 15 if we didn't have used game sales or it was all download, and no none of them are used titles. Only maybe 3 or 4 of those games are used, rest were brand new. Trade in a game, buy a new game. Trade in COD 4.5 and get COD 4.6.

showtimefolks2759d ago

your COD is so flawed did you know this year activision dropped the price for MW2 when black ops has been out a year already. And did you just call COD a good game you my friend have issues

when games go digital download only they will be able to sell for 39.99 because they will be cutting the middle man aka stores. gabe from valve said if it wasn't for stores steam would be able to sell titles at luch for less than 60 but these stores don't give permission to publishers to sell their games cheaper online

so a price in store is what you will pay online

and its not a question of if we like it or not its happening that's all i am saying maybe not this year with COD but next year EA will do it with BF3

i am in favor of it i will still be able to sell my games just for 10 bucks cheaper

Oner2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@ Ocelot525 ~ That is the person purchasing the game(s) fault for not doing their due diligence on the REAL quality of said title and not falling for hype/other PR type BS.

This will also in a way force devs to make BETTER games because people may have more trepidation when spending money on a title they might be apt to sell if unhappy with the quality. It will or may also keep game backups/piracy users at bay too.

It's really a fair solution in all honesty for the devs, pubs, manufacturers and legitimate consumers...

ViserysTargaryen2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

The publishers can kiss my ass. I don't give a damn what Gamestop is doing, what this stupid online pass system is doing is eliminating my ability to share games with my friends or family. Once in a while my bro would swing by and borrow some crap game (BlackOps)while dropping of something else he just finished. With more of these online pass and Bioware's digital codes bullshit, it takes the thunder out of our little trades.

I'm tired of gated content and I'm tired of being ripped off. Just give me my god damn game and GTFO.

mastiffchild2759d ago

If it's, as I suspect, the same ting EA has done with online passes it's a bit rich for peole who buy all their games new and a bit of a stupid move all round for the future of gaming. If someone can only afford used games(and a lot of eople are unemployed or students or kids with sod all spare money)-these people won't have the cash for online passes and will be lost to gaming for good if they're forced out because gaming won't tolerate the same second hand market EVERY other entertainment industry puts up with all te time. what makes them more special than me as a musician? Nothing-if someone sells on my CD then I should be making a better effing record but the industry never points the finger at itself like this and never sees the long term benefit in allowing poorer gamers (who will be those with the buying power tomorrow)to join in second hand.Without second hand they will not stay gamers and a lot will be lost. the short term greed shown by the industry, who never think that had they made a better game perhaps we'd want to keep it, is amazingly dim.

Game stores, also, need tro help by covering the extra we have to pay if they want to keep their gravy train any longer. Also people would use DD if it wasn't SO overpriced considering it's a lot cheaper for the supplier why is it more expensive, every time on PSN or Live for full retail games, than a shop? It's this stupid attitude which makes piracy flourish as gamers feel the industry is ripping them off and with on disc DLC and online passes they're right.

pixelsword2759d ago

"click disagree right now..."

Thanks for the heads-up.


Soldierone2758d ago


What game is making millions of dollars a year, and breaking entertainment records everytime it releases? Like the game or not Call of Duty is doing it. Its not a good game in your books? Oh well.

When a game goes download it doesn't guarantee it will be cheaper. Go ahead and head to the PSN store, go to Xbox Live, these games are still selling for 59.99 there. Go to OnLive, brand new games still have the new game price on them. You are always going to have a middle man no matter what unless these companies develop their own consoles. The Valve comment is BS. It was the developers themselves that wanted and still choose to release games with 59 dollar price tag. Even Valve releases new games at this price, if they were so honest with the cheaper games why didn't they release Portal 2 on PSN, XBL, and Steam for 40 dollars on day one?

Lastly I don't see how my COD theory is flawed when you proved my point entirely. They had a brand new game on shelves, and the old one was STILL selling at a high price with no issues. Look at Amazon. They offer 20 dollars off, they drop prices to 40 dollars, etc...and people gobble them up. The devs themselves stop being so greedy they sell more units.

Its happening we can stop it. Why can't EA and so on follow the mentality of Activision and release several map packs? In theory you are still paying to get online, but are also getting something in return. I haven't purchased Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, or Dragon Age 2 simply due to their stupid online pass crap.

King_many_layers2758d ago


I can see where you're coming from but you must also understand that there's an ever increasing amount of people who buy a game such as Alan Wake on day one, then simply sell it when they've played it through and move onto the next and do the same thing.

Yes people have the right to sell a disapointing object,but in this particular market it's being milked and the only losers are the creators.

Movies go in the Cinema first to make money, so the Pre-owned markets not that big an issue.
CD's will always help an artist sell tickets.

What fall back do Videogames have ??

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hiredhelp2759d ago

Taking a hard look at the upcoming "Killzone 3" 320 GB PS3 bundle, you'll find a new print in the middle of the pack.

Why does it show resistance 3 on the

Alex Kidd2759d ago

Yeh these passes are a joke and I dont support devs who use them (especially you EA) the thing is somebody has paid full price for the game so why make us pay twice. Why punish other people who buy a used game. If they are that bothered by used game sales why not start a scheme which allows us to sell back to the developers so they can redistribute. Or why dont they actually make a game with replay value that is worth keeping?!

Also does anyone know what happens with online passes when renting a game? Surely greedy devs dont charge people who rent?

xchris92x2759d ago

How are they greedy, they deserve to be paid for their work.

mastiffchild2759d ago

They've BEEN paid once and if those too poor to buy new never get to play games or play online where is the future of gaming? I don't cry if someone sells on a CD I perform on so why are game devs more needy than musicians?

Alex Kidd2758d ago

The reason I feel they are greedy is because let's say they put 10% of the money from every sale aside for maintenance of the online servers then if you buy a used game that has already been paid for. Instead of 'online passes' they could maybe give a dlc code to the person who buys new which you don't get if you buy used.

It's a tricky subject but I feel there should be incentives to buy new rather than being punished for buying used.

Alex Kidd2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Double post

Blaze9292759d ago

never expected a 1st party publisher to do this crap

pixelsword2759d ago

Insomniac isn't 1st party.

Blaze9292758d ago

ehem: "never expected a 1st party publisher to do this crap "

maybe you missed publisher or something...

subtenko2759d ago

So now not only M$ has passes but Sony has it with resistance? Is nintendo doing anything like that?

OmegaSlayer2759d ago

Just think about it.
You buy a game and use online services that you paid when buying a game.
Then someone else buys your game and has to have access to features they didn't paid for?
Believe it or not, having servers up for playing online actually costs a good bunch of money.

eak32758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Its a bit of false advertising. When you buy a game you expect to get all the features listed on a game. I got burned on a 2nd hand copy of Mass Effect 2. I didnt realize that you needed a code to get all the DLC so while I can still purchase it from the PS store if I had realized up front I would have bought a new copy instead of used. If this is how game companies are going to do business then the labeling needs to be very specific as to what you are getting.

OmegaSlayer2758d ago

As an old gamer I would expect a full game without scam DLCs, neither bugs nor patches, no parts of game exclusive only for a platform, no delay between regions, full access to every service related...
But this is how gaming has changed (and I greatly blame M$ for this)

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user83971442759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Stay away from that Sony! But I also hate gamestop

LOGICWINS2759d ago

Nah Gamestop is actually really good. U just have to trade in your games when the good deals are out.

Right now you get an extra 40% if you trade in a game towards Uncharted 3/Batman:AC

and an extra %10 if you trade in 3 games.

oli2759d ago

never trade in your games, keep 'em even if they suck, at the time you bought it for a reason

Nitrowolf22759d ago

Better not be some sort of Online Pass BS. If it was for DLC like they have on MK9 (Live) and LA Noir then i can see that.

kneon2759d ago

It says it's only in countries that have the PSN store so it's most likely DLC related.

DrRichtofen2759d ago

I don't see where it says you need an actual pass to access the psn features, only that if your country has a psn store you can use the psn features which is obvious.

Alos882759d ago

I'd rather it be an online pass for the game than a pass to play online in general like Xbox Live's.

montyburns0002759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

at least you can swap games with your friends/buy used and not have to fork out $10 every time.

...and PSN is garbage to boot

perdie2759d ago

at least you can play games online for no extra cost for the last 5 years.

see how that works?