Call of Duty 4 - Exclusive Arcade Mode Trailer

Rack up the points in this fun addition to the Call of Duty series.

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jiggyjay4865d ago

Talking about a great deal! If you want COD4 get it for the 360 because Circuit City is offering a free copy of COD3 and a poster. Best Buy is also offering a offering with its copy of COD4 for xbox 360 a free dvd of "Behind Enemy Lines" and you can also get $20 off a wireless headset! Awesome deal for a game of the year candidate!

The Panther4866d ago

i was on the fence about this game, but now i have to get it.

power of Green 4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Yah I agree... I was not going to get it or at least I was going to wait awhile before I picked it up but The gameplay is so smooth and it seems so action packed its a must buy from day one.

Looks fun, really makes you feel you're on a crazy battle field.

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The story is too old to be commented.