Final Fantasy Type-0 Not a Given For North American Release

GP Editor-in-Chief, Jason Clement writes, "You'd think that just about any game bearing the Final Fantasy name would end up in North America by default, right? Strangely enough, that's not the case with the upcoming PSP game, Final Fantasy Type-0."

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Kamikaze1352714d ago

It will most definitely come. Has there ever been a major FF game not released in the US? This seems to be the start of a new FF franchise as well since they're already planning a sequel and a sequel to that as well.

hazelamy2713d ago

there have been a few major ff releases that haven't made it to the west, just not since the days of the snes.

i thought square were past all this only caring about japan stuff.

Kamikaze1352713d ago

Like what? Every major FF game has come out in the US...eventually.

Capt-FuzzyPants2713d ago


FF3 took forever to come out here in the US. So maybe it wont release here until a remake or a port to another system comes out.

jc485732714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

not really, it might be released at a later time in a different form. plus rpg sales are not what they used to be. this generation is all about action shooting to be honest and that's not a good thing.

Capt-FuzzyPants2713d ago

Yea the shooters are just getting old to me. I can play them for a while but I dont enjoy them as much as an RPG. Good Stories combined with decent gameplay tops all.

Troll-without-Bridge2714d ago

All my psp games are digital. So bring it on.

firelogic2714d ago

It's one of the most ambitious PSP games so I doubt it won't make it out over here. If it'll save time and money, they should just subtitle it instead of dubbing it completely.

And I don't think a DD version is a good idea. At 2 UMDs, that's at least 2.8GB in size. Even if they compress it and take out the redundant data on the second disc, it'll still be at least 2GB. Most psp owners only have the 2GB card that came with the system.

jimmywolf2714d ago

if they going keep releasing quality like ff12 an boast about graphic then yes don't release it if it has a good story an lot fun game play it sell itself in the end

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