Aliens: Colonial Marines - huge info blowout

SystemLink: "The Official Playstation Magazine (UK) had a world exclusive playthrough of Aliens: Colonial Marines, the much delayed Gearbox shooter. Below is all they saw, heard, and shot at."

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RedDead2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

"OPM were unimpressed with the game thus far - weak shotguns, awkward QTEs, and the lack of a musical shift during chases left them 'a mite cold'"

Not surprised really, there hasn't been a good Alien/predator FPS in 10 years

hakis862754d ago

Too bad, I really love Aliens and Predators. Wish somebody could make a great game one day.

It's hard to stand up againt comepition as well; BF3, MW3, Uncharted 3, Gears 3... people will be busy playing these sadly.

Pintheshadows2754d ago

There are positives as well I suppose but ENOUGH with QTEs.

DA_SHREDDER2754d ago

So OPM wasn't impressed, but they feel Gearbox is passionate enough to make sure they get it right. Take your time Gearbox. Make the WiiU version as sick as the pc version and use the WiiUmote as a motion sensor. Sounds so sick!

JellyJelly2754d ago

A preview that isn't overly positive?! Must be a first!

jbiz3302754d ago

HOW DAMN HARD IS IT TO MAKE A GREAT VIDEOGAME BASED ON A FRANCHISE!!! jesus christ. do we just need to hand off everything to Rocksteady? this is disappointing.

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