Call of Duty 4 Only Running at 720p?

A reader at Onaxis website, claims that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare may only run at 720p.

First off, the reader claims that the game looks absolutely breathtaking, but it only runs at 720p. The back of the box claims it supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, but his Samsung Full HD TV is only running it at 720p.

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ichimaru4867d ago

mabey he need to fix some setting. or it could be his tv settings

Violater4867d ago

it doesn't really batter as it's a beautiful game nonetheless

Real Gambler4867d ago

C'mon guys. Game has not been released yet!

The original news start with: "Thanks to a tip from a fellow reader,"

So until the game is released, all you can do is debate about a comment from a "fellow reader" which became a comment on a blog.

How reliable is that?

Just wait and judge by yourself : ) Don't trust comment from "fellow reader" who would have somehow got the game before release! Even if it would be true, it could simply be a beta version. Nothing to call home about.

jiggyjay4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Talking about a great deal! If you want COD4 get it for the 360 because Circuit City is offering a free copy of COD3 and a poster. Best Buy is also offering with its copy of COD4 for xbox 360 a free dvd of "Behind Enemy Lines" and you can also get $20 off a wireless headset! Awesome deal for a game of the year candidate!

neogeo4866d ago

games like this will never be any better then 720p the systems can not handle 1080p in such a complex game. they have tried and failed. just look at Lair. it looks horrible with slow down everywhere and glitches, lack of color. 1080p takes up almost twice the prosscer and ram as 720p and hardly looks any better unless your TV is 72 inch or more.

JsonHenry4866d ago

Who cares? The game does not run NATIVELY at 1080i/p anyway. This is really a non-issue.

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Meus Renaissance4867d ago

I have a friend who has the same issue. His game displays at 720p. I hope it's just people's individual settings and that the game can be upscaled to 1080p.

Real Gambler4867d ago

Could it be simply a beta version?

JsonHenry4866d ago

I don't think Makroyale understands the concept of up-conversion. At least when concerned with the consoles doing it themselves.

ElementX4867d ago

Is this really an issue? I swear, people make issues out of anything they can find. How about enjoy the game for what it is? Ever since HD people have been complaining about 1080 and 720. Just play the game.

Jack Bauer4867d ago

because games today are being advertised as HD... and id think this would really only affect 1080i TV PS3 owners...360 upconverts games and 1080p TV owners, 720p is still HD.

Makroyale4867d ago

Both the 360 and the PS3 will run games at their native resolution only. So if the game runs at 720p it runs at 720p unless the game developer converts it to 1080p within the game itself.

rofldings4867d ago

Makroyale - you're an idiot. google upconversion

Makroyale4867d ago

Are you saying your TV will take 720P image and upconvert it to 1080P?

What kind of TV do you have have? I have a Pioneer PDP-6010FD which is currently the best TV you can buy.

You can upconvert SDVDs etc. but no, you cannot take a 720P image to 1080P and even if you could what are you getting out of it?!?! You're taking a 720P image that fills a widescreen TV anyway.

I think many of the people here need to educate themselves.

clevernickname4867d ago

I am sorry Makroyale, but you are confused. You set your TV resolution in the Dashboard and the 360's Ana chip automatically scales the game output to match. A few 360 games "cheat" their way to HD resolutions this way, such as COD 3 and PGR, which are internally rendered at 640P.

The following article describes the technology of the Ana chip and the implications for the PS3:

solidt124866d ago

The PS3 added this feature in a firmware update back int the spring. It will even upscale old PS2 and PS1 games

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cloud360-7th_account4867d ago

Real Reason: Xbox360 version held PS3 Version back so PS3 has to suffer 780p problem and so does all the other MultiPlat games

sovietsoldier4867d ago

I think you have that backwards! who realy cares as long as it looks good and plays good?

TheMART4867d ago

I'll laugh so hard when the PS3 version has 720p and the 360 version is 1080p native.

socomnick4867d ago

Dude are you serious so thats why virtual fighter 5 a game that was made exclusively for the ps3 then ported over to the xbox 360 looks better on the xbox 360. Dude get a grip on reality man the ps3 is a good game system but it is not more powerful than the xbox 360. If anything the ps3 held back the xbox 360 version of the game infinity ward did not want to piss off the ps3 fans if the xbox 360 version looked way better.

Imalwaysright4867d ago

Yeah i laughed so hard when 360 flagship title was running at 420P

power of Green 4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Its a Multi platform game but not a port.

Each game was developed along side eachother I doubt the PS3 was setting the standard for PC/windows and Xbox 360.

I'm suprized the PS3 version held its own with the Windows and 360 version. If anything they were held back so the devs could closly match all versions but even in the 360 beta footage I can see much more color and more heat/light destortion from heat sourse(like the Armored Core comparisons).

Blitzed4867d ago

Are you kidding? How many games run 'native' 1080p on the 360?

xplosneer4867d ago


The_Engineer4867d ago

talking about??

are you confused?

it's actually the 360 version that only runs @ 720p while the PS3 version supports 1080p.

Daishi4867d ago

Why does the 360 version of Armored Core 4 run at 1080p and the PS3 version only suport 720p? Because of developer choice dah. Neither console does what it says it can; does everygame suport two monitor output, 1080p standard, and run at 120fps like Sony said in '05? Does everygame suport live multiplayer, 4 way privatechat, and none of the future titles will need a HDD like MS said they would? Go back and watch the 2005 E3 conferences and see what these consoles were suposed to do...

Blitzed4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Your're forgetting on key word, 'native' 1080p, not upscalled. AC 4 is noy native 1080p, the only 2 native 1080p games for the 360 are Street Home Court and Virtual Tennis 3. the rest are upscalled.

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ichimaru4867d ago

it's been said that there is "supposedly" a noticable diffrence between 720p and 1080p i guess

TheExecutive4867d ago

There is... on larger screens. There is a noticable difference on a 61" I can tell you that.

Adamalicious4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

If your screen has a native vertical resolution of 1080 (only screens around 40 inches or higher) then it's pretty easy to see the difference. 720p still looks good, but 1080p is noticeable sharper.

ultraviolentz4866d ago

you can get native 1920x1200 screens as small as 24"

Adamalicious4862d ago

Sure, I was just talking about HDTVs as opposed to computer monitors - I think most folks hook their consoles up to televisions as opposed to monitors.

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