Top Ten Under-Hyped Games of 2011

VGChartz: mOne realizes just how fast “time flies” when July suddenly comes around and we have the realization that half of the year is behind us. This year looks to be a great year for gaming, especially during the third and fourth quarters of 2011. Some games seem to be getting almost all of the hype including Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3. While those games will sell very well, and get everyone talking, there are other games which many may not realize are coming out this year. These games sit in a “second string” to the others, whether they are new IPs or reboots sequels to long missing old franchises. These are the ten under-hyped games of the second half of 2011, in no particular order.

Note: I’ve only included games that we will definitely be playing this year barring a random delay, and those that are confirmed to be heading to the west.

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Kran2759d ago

I wouldnt say any of those games are under hyped.

They're games in which the hype doesnt occur until around the time of release. For example, when August comes, Deus Ex will probs get lots of hype.

ATiElite2759d ago

Wow i had no clue about Silent Hill: Downpour

thugbob2759d ago

It's better to be under hyped than over hyped.

BeardedGamerShow2759d ago

Yeah, I'd say Deus Ex is getting plenty of hype, but even Resistance 3 seems to be flying below the radar.

mendicant2759d ago

Resistance isn't a very big/important franchise. It's not bad mind you just nothing to write home about.

It only gets hyped because it's a PS3 exclusive. If it were on any other console no one would care. Just like no one cares about it now.

joydestroy2759d ago

yeah Deus Ex, Twisted Metal and R3 will get their hype. just not close enough to release yet. beginning of Aug it'll start

meshuganeh2759d ago

Personally, I think Tropico 4 should be up there. I'm so pumped for it.

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