Amazon Video Game Deals

Amazon continues to be a great source of discount gaming merchandise for the patient gamer. Every day Amazon offers an incredible deal on one video game, but Amazon also has video game deals of the week and great trade-in offers. Today’s video game sale of the day is one kick-butt bundle that you’re not going to want to miss.

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frozzenfire2664d ago

Dosnt it take a while for Amazon to ship the games tho? and do they provide digital downloads now?

rmoar2664d ago

If by this you mean, "steam has the better summer deals", I would be inclined to agree.

frozzenfire2663d ago

Yea i meant steam has better deals and also easier since we dont have to worry about shipping and all that

honestpizza2664d ago

All of these deals are killing my pocket book this week. Not to mention draining my precious time and increasing my backloog of video games I need to play.

Sinterfire2664d ago

I hear you. I think I still have like 5 or 6 games I still need to beat but when I see these deals (not these in particular) I just keep adding to my backlog. They just keep coming. Plus all the new games coming at the same time.... (looks in wallet) damn.

GetoverHere1222664d ago

won't somebody think about the poor impulse buyer.

Sinterfire2664d ago

37.99$ for Tekken 6 with wireless fightstick. That seems like a great deal but I'll pass.

DanielComfort2664d ago

Well, I haven't tried DNF yet, so this might be a good opportunity to do that. Even if it's not as awesome as a decade and a half dev cycle should make it.


GregoryAllen2664d ago

If i ever want a hard copy of a game, i already get them from amazon.