Word Of Mouth: The Best Advertising You Can Get

GP blogger, DocStrangelove writes, "Lets all get real here, a thirty second promo during the Super Bowl costs around infinity dollars. And since most companies are just trying to grab attention for their brand instead of showing off their product, its probably for the best that you don't see too many video game advertisements during the whole foozball affair. So how exactly do companies reach out to audiences that range in the millions for the smallest amount of money? Its called the internet my dear friend and it can make or break a company over night. With enough word of mouth (and a little bit of spam), even the strangest games and bundles can become huge hits. And I'm about to share with you the ones I at least kind of know about."

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Anon19742664d ago

Yeah. I just don't get it. I know of a guy who build the Death Star out of mined obsidian. Took him 8 hours. Dear god, why?