Mechs and Balances: A Search for the Modern Mech-Sim

GP blogger, Standard Minion writes, "When recently writing about Earthsiege and Starsiege in my Tribes write-up, I got thinking about good old mech-sims. And old is right—I haven’t seen one in what feels like ages. The most recent mech-sim title that comes to mind is Chromehounds, and even that was debated by some as to whether or not it belongs in the genre. Honestly, even if my experience with Chromehounds was short-lived, it’s difficult for me to think of it as a mech-sim when I grew up on the likes of the MechWarrior franchise. So, why haven’t we seen anything like MechWarrior in a good long while?"

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Dlacy13g2663d ago

I wish we would have heard something about the Mechwarrior reboot from E3. I am fearful it wont see the light of day given they have said nothing for 2yrs since it was announced.