Kojima discusses how Snake made it into Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Hideo Kojima says that Nintendo thought that Snake "felt like a Sony character" and wouldn't fit into the game.

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Shok2660d ago

Thank you for asking Sakurai to put Snake in this game. He's a straight-up beast!

Inside_out2660d ago

It's just a case of Nintendo courting MGS creative director Hideo Kojima for development on the Wii U. Nintendo is the old pro that knows how to get things least in Japan.

NiteX2660d ago

He is one of my favs in Brawl. Many hate him though, stuff about being cheap.

solidsnake2222660d ago

My favorite brawl character. Unfortunately, no guns since they kill people, but plastic explosives are just fine.

Ducky2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Guns don't kill people, death kills people.
Just ask a doctor, it's a medical fact.


GodsHand2660d ago

Something always leads to death, be it a gun, or of old age(failing organs etc.), Death needs it's counter part to complete the cycle.

r212660d ago

guns dont kill people,
uh uh,
i kill people
with guns (pow)

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