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"Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is the latest installment in the Wizardry franchise, developed by Acquire and published by Xseed Games exclusively on PSN.
While Wizardry is billed as a First-Person RPG, in reality, it is essentially an old school, point-and-click RPG viewed from a context-free, “first person” view. Like many RPG’s, the “action” centers around a series of fetch quests during which various enemies must be fought, loot is acquired and experience points are gained in order to level up characters."

-Pat from That Gamer Hub

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shadowknight2032755d ago

Dissing an old school game for being old school as mentioned in the review "Another problem with the overall game design is that there are absolutely no instructions provided. All that players receive is the layout of the controller buttons. Everything else you must figure out for yourself. " is not fair. More games need to be like this, its a game after all, meant to be controlled upon and experimented with to the benefit of the player. Games like Wizardry are extreme in the sense that players must use their wits about em' and figure things out on their own. I'm no old school gamer, but I certainly can appreciate the effort of not putting any effort at all when it comes to not dumbing our games down so even the idiots of the world can play them.

But hey, Im just glad it came here to the states and I just don't want people to run away from this gem from a single review score. And it has been selling very, very well on the store ( I think 800 user ratings ?) considering the kind of game it is.

If You're considering buying this game people, or are now considering of NOT buying this game, please do yourself a favor and at least download the demo. Its on the US store and is actually a very small demo size (3oo mb I think it was) so it shouldn't run your HDD up a whole lot.

Otheros002755d ago

Disagrees with the review. *down votes this random site*

Are_The_MaDNess2755d ago

Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

BTW: does anyone know when it will be out in the EU?????

0Spence02755d ago

If you feel that strongly about the game - write it on the comments of the article itself. I'm sure the writer is willign to discuss his opinions in depth some more - but if he didn't like it, sadly, he didn't like it. He did state in the article that "it wasn't his thing" and that "if people like this sort of game, give it a try".